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so I ran out of fuel...

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ward_4e, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Completely dry so dry the fuel light wouldn't come on and had to push the tt to the bp servo at the end of the street. As a treat I put a full tank of BP Ultimate in and let everything prime so I could listen to the air squirts coming back into the tank... ok cool Idels well sounds ok... so I thought

    Now when ever I give the tt some gas and accelerate I get soot... no oil just soot and slow acceleration... my girfiend noticed this morning :( and now when I down shft / engine brake I get a nice little back fire / pop of unburnt fuel hitting the exhaust...

    Do you really need a remap to use Ultimate? I've used it on a few rides before with one of these over rich symptoms... My worst idea is I have somehow dragged extra crap though the injectors...

    any ideas people?
  2. Sounds like a possibility, maybe the injectors are not atomizing the fuel properly, if u have used every last drop and it had some gunk in the bottom of the tank.
  3. Oooooh... don't like the sound of that... :shock:

    :? I thought you were meant to use regular unleaded fuel??

    Perhaps you should syphon it out and fill up with regualr unleaded, and see if that makes a difference... or at least top up regularly so it gets diluted as much as possible??

    I'm sure some of the newer bikes take the fancy fuel though...
  4. The system may need bleeding. Most modern FI systems don't but bike FIs are all a bit different.

    If it's running at all it should be right however.

    Try fresh fuel first
  5. Premium Fuel burns hotter than regular fuel.

    In some bikes this is not good for them.

    I don't know about yours however... maybe contact manufacturer and see what they recommend?
  6. mmm I would get it looked at before I move but I am guessing the "dealership" will go "over" the system for $150 which means we look at it while sipping tea for an hour and then start the bike and let it idle for 5 mins... bill me and away I go for nothing...

    I have alot of confidence in them becasue after my 40k service a major service for a list as long as my arm and costing well I will definately be sacrificing a newborn next time it ran worse.... after complaining and getting them to go over it in detail again it ran at 1/2 power for a week and was runing 50% down on the middle two cylinders...

    the only proble with the sagem ecu system on teh tt is it doenst have an o2 sensor if teh tt had an o2 sensor the compuer would automaticlay lean out the fuel map. So i'm in closed loop hell. I'm prety sure the reason they swicthed form sagem to klien on the daytona 600- 650 is the fact that the sagem needed an 02 sensor new progeamming and new development but the klien package came complete with sensor programming and dev..
  7. Maybe also try some injector cleaner because even though it is only 5 years old you can still get come crap building up in the tank
  8. yeah get the fuel out of it, put regular unleaded and quarter of a bottle of injector cleaner in the tank and ride for a while.

    If problems persist see your doctor. But at least the simple in-expensive stuff is done.
  9. acording to the workshop manual I am to run 89 MON / 92 RON or greater fuel and the system is E10 compiant wil all fuel hoses and perisables ethanol hardened :)

    As for the dealership they generaly recomened $50 and call them tomorrow... :roll:
  10. i have been told not run the shell Ultimax
    in my bike by mech

    my book has 95RON fuel

    the only problem i had when i ran out of fuel was the engine management light came on

    he plug in and went that it see you later and dont run out again
  11. Hey TT rider... was it you I sent the manual to if so did you get the manual?

    Well the bike is in transit now so all problems with fueling will have to wait... but I have a good feeling I will pull the injectors and get them cleaned profesionaly and refit.
  12. no manual here
    but we have talk about the chain guide fitting
    about 3/4 year ago
    you post pic just after i had done mine

    hope you find service centre in Qld

    i have just come from Charlie's place now
  13. G'day Ward4e,
    Have you sorted the fuel problems out with your TT600?
    I have the same bike, 2001 model, and this is my experience.
    I have used caltex fuels almost exclusively, mostly vortex 95 and 98 successfully. Except 1 time, when against my better judgement I used Shell ultimate. Immediately after that the bike began running rough and was very hard to start. It was also backfiring as well. My understanding is that shell puts ethanol in all their fuel, and on their website they recommend that the bike be retuned and rejetted.
    Have also had bad results from adding injector cleaner to the fuel, in my bike it causes it to run rough and is hard to start. Its unnecessary anyway, as vortex already has an injector cleaner added. The power/response difference is quite noticeable, even between 95 and 98 octane.
    Hope this helps.