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so i put an 05 ZX10R rear shock on the SV

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by ronin11, Jan 31, 2009.

  1. its a common mod for the early model SV's. the stocky is puss, and wears very quickly. i read about it on another forum, and decided to give it a go. After hunting down a shock in the states, and getting it to aus, total cost was $156. to my door.
    i got up early today and dissasembled the bike. i took off the tail fairings, although its not really neccissary, to make access a bit easier. pulled the tail end down, seats, side vents, battery out, all of that.
    was a prick to get the stocker off, top mounting bolt wasn't too bad.. but the bottom! holy jeebus! now you only replace the shock itself, not the dig bones or knuckle, so what you have to do is undo one of the bolts at an end of the dogbone, swing the bones out of the way, and undo the bottom mount from the knuckle. good luck.

    to fit the new shock, you use the top bolt from the SV, and the bottom bolt from the ZX shock, so if the shock doesnt come with it, you'll need to get one. (the SV bolt is too short) then you have to file down the bolt head and the nut to get it to fit inside the bones when they are in place without it making contact. i also used a few washers to get the bolt to centre.
    cutting the batterybox id pretty much compulsory. there is a way you can move it back with spacers etc, but cutting is easier. you also have to remove the fusebox tray, and the battery holder attached to the front seat. once its all done, do up the nuts (try not to round them as i did tightening them. if the shock has to come off, it'll be a trip to a workshop i think) put your bike back together and away you go.

    ride report:
    fcukIN AWESOME!!! 500% over the stocker. sticks to the road soooo much better it isnt funny. holds lines much better. so much more confidence inspiring you wouldnt believe it only cost so little. it tips in better and easier, handles bumps like a dream, and gets rid of all the tramping the bike does when you take off and accellerate out of corners. it really is like buying a new bike.

    id have paid double that if i knew how much better it really was. if you are considering doing it, do it. im a happy man thats for sure.

    next thing ill do is the front end.. emulators, new oil and better springs.

    difficulty rating is about 3/5. its not overly hard with the right tools, just takes a bit of confidence, and muscle.
  2. Nice :)

    I put in an 04 zx10r shock into my 02 SV650s last year and you're right, its a massive difference. Combined with the awesome chasis you can smash it out of corners with alot more confidence compared to stock. I'd definitely recommend the front as well, I didn't go the valve emulators - just the correct spring weight + oil, spacers, etc. Was again a huge difference.

    I miss my SV, and vtwins in general!

  3. Nice one. I stuck a zx6r shock on my old z750 and was just as suprised as you as to the difference.

    Enjoy the "new ride"
  4. Cool wanna do my K3 for me? Lazy bugga!

    Seriously good feedback I am thinking bout doing the same. Have you done anything to the front end I have found that if you turn late/ change your line it tends to wash out a bit.
  5. Well done.
    Now can you do it all again and take some pix while you're at it? :LOL:
  6. ferg. you want to fly me up there for a week and ill do it no probs. then we can kill 2 birds with 1 stone, cause i can take pics and not have to pull my bike apart to do it.

    ill take some pics of the finished product, and do some super high quality paint editing so you can see exactly what had to be done if you like.
  7. Ahh they all want to come to sunny Qld (its the cyclones that do it!).

    Back to the shock replacement, what are the srings like on the ZX shock, I would assume better as the spring would have a lot to play in the performance side of things.

    Think that I need to focus on the front end ATM as it seems to wash out now and again.

  8. the springs are stiffer than the standard SV one. but the major advantage is the adjustability, the range is massive compared to the SV 7 slot adjustment.. plus of course, there is rebound and compression adjustment. its longer than the SV shock, so raises the back end up a bit too.. ive found the riding position more comfortable so far than the standard, but i havent done a long trip on it yet.