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So I purchased a lemon........

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by paul_b, Dec 22, 2011.

  1. 4 months ago I purchased a second hand 2008 Buell 1125R from a motorcycle dealer in Melbourne. It is now back in shop for its third voltage regulator and now also requires a new stator. I have reached the end of my patience. Clearly the problem cannot be repaired with OEM parts. Stator is at least 3 weeks away due to Christmas etc. I have a ride day booked on the 5th of Jan. I think I have only two options........ ombudsman for sale of a vehicle unfit for purchase, or try to get a swap for bike of similar value from dealer.
    Hmmmmmmm...... what to do........... I am seriously pissed with it all at this point. Bike has been in the shop for about 1/3 of the time I've owned it :furious::furious::furious:

  2. Bad luck mate feel your pain.

    Name and shame

    Do not purchase any vehicles made by "Harley Davidson" or "Buell" or otherwise emanating from the Continental United States purporting to be, or representing themselves as, motorcycles.
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  4. Yeah, I know I know.......
    I thought about it long and hard when I purchased it but loved the bike and hoped that buying through a dealer may aleviate some of the risk.
    I'll be visiting said shop tomorrow to try and come to an arrangement of some kind. Don't like my chances tho.
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    Good friend of mine has the same bike which has the same issues. 3 stators now. They seem to be fine if u do a lot of open road riding but when they commute a lot they tend to go bang pretty often.
    These ones had the Rotax engines didn't they rather than the Harleys?
  6. Bad luck with the purchase. A 2008 model, who would have thought? One wonders if the dealer had some knowledge of prior owner problems.

    Well, good luck with your challenge. Hope you'll have a working bike for your ride in January!
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    Yeah the Rotax engine. The whole bike gets very hot on a warm day. I think this can be somewhat fixed by correct fueling with an ecm. They know full well that there are problems with these bikes and that they are unable to repair properly because the OEM parts are shit.
  8. Someone mentioned, prob patb or one of the other mechanical engineers, that buell is a good example of how excellent innovation and low budget allowances don't get on well together. The bikes are let down by all the common day items fished out of the spare parts bin.
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  9. Edit- re read your post, so I'm going to go away now.
  10. That is a great way to put it. I know Erik Buell wanted his bikes to be Made In USA but he was very naive to think that H-D would ever truly support him.
    Personally, I think he could have teamed up with Bimota or Benelli and done some cool things.
  11. Google seems full of similar problems, and diy fixes too. Sounds like the regulator/stator were insufficient for the bike's needs since 2008 or earlier.

    This guy mod'd his own with good instructions: http://hildstrom.com/projects/buellregulator/index.html

    That said, for a new purchase i'd take it back.
  12. I think it runs deeper than this with American product. Americans are absolutely convinced they still make the best stuff in the world. The reality however is they have no real concept of quality. I would rate most American products somewhere better than Chinese but worse than Korean.
  13. I can't remember if it was me or not but it certainly reflects my view. It's not unique to Buell but tends to be endemic in all low production specials, car or bike.

    Agree wholeheartedly with this, based on what is widely written on the web. Not just about bikes either. it's something I've noticed in all my areas of interest. Mind you, in some of those other areas of interest the Seppos do turn out some beautiful stuff that knocks anything I've seen from the UK or Oz into a cocked hat and compares well with, say, Germany. However, that tends to be individual enthusiasts working at a cottage industry level.

    Mind you, we Australians shouldn't get too smug considering the primitive and badly assembled stuff which has been the norm from our own motor industry for many years.
  14. Yep the two american car manufacturers certainly have a fair bit of that about them. Still I'd rate them better that the American products. They tend to be let down by faults rather than being all over poor quality.
  15. Hmmm. Well, maybe. My judgement is somewhat coloured by the fact that the last Aussie car I drove had panel fits that would shame the Chinese, an interior that appeared to have been bought from K-Mart and installed by a blind spastic with a tub of EvoStik, unsecured wires dangling around the pedals and more rattles and squeaks than a 40yo Land-Rover. It was less than 6 months old at the time and was not the basic Scumliner model either. That's before I get onto the heavy, dead steering, the kidney jarring ride, the huge blind spots, the massive thirst and the fact that at least 3/4 of the engine's rated output appeared to be going somewhere other than the back wheels.

    To be fair, some other local offerings I've sampled have not been quite so fundamentally horrible, and were even quite enjoyable, although constant niggling electrical faults and a slushbox that disintegrated at 70,000 km weren't exactly impressive.
  16. Yes and no. - When they actually do make top quality stuff, it is pretty much unsurpassed, e.g. anything made by Texas Instruments/TRW/Raytheon/Lockheed.
    It seems to be the heavily unionised industries which produce utter crap. (No surprises there...)
  17. Having owned one of their scientific calculators 30 years ago, I'm not too sure about that :D.
  18. But was it REALLY an Aussie car? Not everything which has a Holden badge is made in Aus...

    Captiva, Barina, i'm looking at you.... Personally I don't want a daiwoo regardless of what badge they glue to it.

    On that note, I see that the new Cruze is now manufactured here.