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So I passed my prelearners... now scared!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by evilkowie, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. No problem at all.

    However, I have issues with my xvs650. it scares me, its heavy, i stall it - and i never did on the cb250.

    I've been feeling rather emo about it. Maybe I should have got a vtr250 after all. Considered buying one (2 bikes WOOT!)

    i need to man up and ride. once I get the clutch control sweet anyway. Until then, riding at 10pm. Gotta hate living in Sydney.

    Anyone else have a buttload of troubles once outof prelearners?

  2. what's a pre-learner's? Must be a NSW thing. I'm transitioning from scooters, so you better believe the whole clutch thing gets me as well. I'm sure I'll have a few sheepish restarts at lights, but nothing to get to worried about....

    I'm also worried about braking with my leather gloves on. Just don't feel 100% with the extra bulk yet.
  3. Find a car park, large and empty, practice starting, stopping, slow riding etc.

    The open spaces of a deserted car park are very reassuring and safe.

    Get the basics down and the fear will soon turn to excitement, take your time
    and be aware of yourself stiffening up due to nerves, force yourself to relax.

    Many thousands of riders have been through this, you are not alone.

    Check out the new rider threads on here for more info.

  4. +1 hawklord
    Issues are only resolved through confrontation & practice.
    My was traffic, the first 2 weeks of my L's had me riding in the wee hrs and in car parks etc. Now I feel I'm IN my enviroment.

    Good Luck
  5. As the others have said, find an empty carpark and practise. If you're not confident, I wouldn't do what I did and ride to work 2 days after getting my Ls and bike. lol

    Imagine riding to work in the rain during peak hour 2 days after getting your bike. hahaha
  6. Some people feel confident immediately, some do not. A little bit of apprehension is not necessarily a bad thing provided you don't end up not riding through fear.

    Like others say if you aren't confident don't go mixing it with traffic. Start in car parks and quiet streets. Also find a mentor.

    As you get used to your bike's weight it won't seem so much of a problem.

    In a few month's you will loook back on this and smile.

    Good luck.
  7. I did my pre-leaners and rode a postie bike for a couple of months and then bought an xvs650 :) Yes I was very nervous on it at first, yes I stalled it several times, but I rode around quiet streets and practiced stopping and starting and turning, and it didn't take long for me to feel more confident, only a week or so :) Good luck, have fun and enjoy it!
  8. I'm a lot better now. Never stall when its flat, and takeoff is a lot more steady. I wanted to get fuel last night so I figured I'd take her for a zoom-around 8.45pm.. wanted to hit Parramatta road and ended up in Ashfield. Had a few new experiences on the bike - being in the left lane and a car pulling over in front of me (panic! :p) being in the left lane and not looking ahead enough and getting stuck behind a stopped car and a car behind it- had to pull into fairly heavy traffic. Also downshifting and slow riding to takeoff at the lights without stopping. All things that I took for granted in an automatic car! :)

    I did nearly drop her though, once earlier in the day. Busyish road/stop sign, moderate hill start sloping backwards and also down to the right, and sharp turn left. Nearly got her up off the hill when I stalled. Just so many things to focus on. I think I needed to stop in a better position - a bit wider. That is almost exactly the same was when I did drop her except I was going right across traffic. When I say drop I mean tip over and slowly hit the floor :p
  9. Hmm. Sydney is scary. I'm way too close to the CBD. There are no daylight hours where Parramatta Rd is anything but full of cars, buses, taxi's and trucks. Plus the road is in horrible condition - I've never seen one that bad - the cracks are just as visible as the white dividing lines and at night time it can be difficult to tell the difference.

    If I can learn to ride here, I can ride anywhere. I haven't even driven a car in this kind of traffic.

    I'm not sure how anyone can U Turn in the 650 - but I still havent found a good place to practice yet. There is one carpark sortof close but it is only empty at night - I should bring my tape measure to see how wide it is because I cant imagine doing a full turn in it. When I try I am wobbly as hell, then I see the other curb and I panic and straighten up. I'll get better I am sure. Here is the spot;


    I like it because of the roundabout I get to use for practice just below there :)

    Still considering a VTR- I'll leave it until winter when prices are apparently lower and I am totally sure the MOST test is unpossible on my tank :D

    And because threads are worthless without pics, here is Gloria aka 'the tank'!

  10. Google maps sommerville road rozelle.
    Its the road that goes to the car terminal at glebe island ,the road is smooth and not alot if any cars most of the time ,looks like a mini race track ,around the factory in the middle ,a few sweepers and semi tight corners.
    Also notice at the end of the straight next to the water is a small 30 spot car park with lines for U turn practice ,should be open as its closed down the car terminal now.
  11. hey thats just near me, pm me a time and I'll try and get along give you the same tips ozyoda/pug/... gave me from the learners at homebush that helped me so much. I'm on a 650 too which I used to pass the MOST so dont give up on it yet.

  12. That would be hilarious! Even stupider, imagine getting your bike in the middle of winter in Canberra, late on a Sunday night, and riding it for the first time to work on Monday morning in heavy winds, pouring rain, freezing temperatures, 100kph and peak hour!!

    HA HA!

    Yep that's exactly what I did. With hindsight... not such a good idea :]
  13. dont worry I shet myself when I jumped on my R6 for the first time going from a slow ass 250 to something thats quicker than any stock car that probably costs less than a mill :LOL:

    Just ride more and doing it late at night is thumbs up.