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So I need your expertise to help me decide my second bike :)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by staticallydynamic, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. So a little background first..
    I currently own a little VTR250 being on my L's
    I'd keep it if I could, but obviously that's unrealistic.
    Great bike though, well that's before you hit 80 km/h. After that, there is no point even trying to overtake. It will take a while.
    Doesn't help when I mostly ride rurally!
    I come off restrictions April next year and I'm already aching to upgrade!
    (I'm saving at the moment!, hence why it's probably time to sort out which one I want, so I know how much to save..
    and if it's realistic too (Wouldn't mind an exotic :p)

    Also, I'd like to mention I'm only 56kg @ 5'9. (Believe me, I eat junk non-stop..doesn't make an iddybiddy bit of difference)
    So, I'm looking for something which is not too much on the heavy side.

    Anyway, I have a couple of bikes in mind and I'll state a few reasons as to what it is that has attracted me to them!
    Feel free to correct/Suggest & I appreciate your perspective,
    I understand nothing is quite like actually test-riding.. but when it comes to that stage I need to know what to test ride :p
    And being a noob, pretty sure I'd fall in love with the first bike I test anyways. So yeah appreciate the help!

    Firstly, the Triumppph Spppeed Trippple
    + Looks amazing, & Sounds even better.
    + Naked, distinctive looks..
    + In between a 4cyl and 2cyl..cuz' I can't decide.
    + Light, powerful & apparently very predictable power band!

    Monster 696, 798]
    + Love V-Twins..
    + & Nakeds
    + Love V-Twins..
    + Styling & Sound
    + Bottom end torque

    Obviously have to mention the CBR600RR
    + Cheap!
    + Always been a fan of super sports
    + Honda are gods for reliability
    + The experience of a I4 engine!

    Also.. the vtr1000firestorm.. but that's a 1 LITRE. But it's cheap and reliable once again, sounds heavenly anddd it's the big daddy of my current bike!
    But yeah, the size of the engine puts me off, and also the apparently-bad fuel economy. Although I'd get the later model tank.

    Anything else that I should consider, considering I'm looking more into the Sports/Naked type bikes. As they are my favourite!

    Thanks, and as always.. sorry for the overly-long post :)

  2. I also looked for a 2nd bike just 2mths back. Really liked the Street Trip, but that was so out of my budget.

    Then came across the Kawa Z750 - these can be had on the used market for quite a bargain, 1-2yo examples for $7-8k.

    On keeping yr VTR, well, if you're essentially paying the same $ for rego, & only slightly less for Comp ins than a bigger cc bike, I wouldn't keep it.

    VTRs sell well on the used market, you shd be able to get a decent $ for it, then look toward replacing that as well! All in good time of course!
  3. 600 hornet? Cbr engine. in a naked bike. still delivers 100 horses. Great bike. Easily keeps up with dedicated sports bike in the twisties. They only have the edge on the track.
  4. I'd say test everything you can find you even like the look of and maybe even dont...
    Who knows until you get on them and try.

    There's the BMW F800R as well for mean naked. Prob a touch more expensive than the street.

    Hmm, for something exotic, BENELLI TNT 1130 Cafe, still a triple and defo different while being uber sexy too if you ask me.

    And then there's the Aprillia Shiver 750... Very nice looking bike and meant to be nice :)
  5. I would say wait until march to start looking and then go for test rides.

    I for one really don't like the sound of the street triple. The whirring of the counter-balance shaft is very loud and off putting and the engine noise and exhaust is to quiet and never really drowns it out as opposed to the daytona's which definitely does.

    Apart from that the bike you want is probably the aprilia mille or tuono if you really want naked. Realistically though have a look at the sv650.
  6. Yet another bike to add to my long list of possible solutions :p

    Yeah, it's true.. I should definietly wait.. but it's just too damn exciting. Haha. Regarding the sound of the stripple, with an aftermarket can on the back.. I'm sure that would fix that?
    I'd never keep a stock exhaust haha.

    Even my car has a cannon >.<

    As for the sv650 I don't really like the look of :| and the mille and tuono are way too expensive! and also too powerful for my next bike I think.

    Haha, I meant I WISH I could afford an exotic. Would be nice if I was in the market for one! But yeah, never seen that before, definitely sexy.

    As for the Shiver, eh I only like the look of the later models, so by the time I buy it.. probably out of my price range.

    I heard the Z750 is a quite a heavy bike? Although, people say it's good too!

    What about the VTR1000 Firestorm, would anyone recommend that for a second bike and for someone as light as me? Apparently they're not that big or heavy.. or is it out of my league.. I think they're pretty good looking.
  7. It would have to be a bloody loud exhaust to drown out that headache. It's really a very, very loud whine.
  8. heavy isn't so much of an issue when you're moving... and the z750's look great in the orange! And can be picked up cheap enough :)
  9. Haha yeah, but I have those moments where I stupidly park somewhere ridiculous (on a slight slant) then have to somehow reverse backwards.. not easy at all haha.
  10. Yeah, weight matters when you're stationery/parking the bike. I find it easier to get down & push the Z when parking in the garage, than to maneuver it around while astride, like on my SV. On parking it on a slope, well, you just get used to learning the correct angle to do so!
  11. This is the only advice you should heed.
  12. Hey whitenite, as you can see I own a Z750 as well. It's a great bike. Naked (so won't cost you a lot if you do drop it), 106 HP and quite an exciting ride. Handles very easily. If you can test ride one, have a go! It is a little heavy (220kg), but if you watch out where and how you park it, not a problem. And as was mentioned before, they're quite affordable.
  13. Heh, I think you meant to direct yr reply to the OP! I bought a black 11/2010Z750just over a mth ago. Yes, they're affordable - that's actually what caught my eye when comparing coupla bikes. Am keeping my SV tho, love "Ol' Faithful" that much!

    So 1 more for the OP to consider - SV650!
  14. depends on inseam but height wise im about the same as you, speed triple felt a little too big, both old and new but you can score an older model at a decent price. definitely look into a 2nd hand street triple r, mine will be on the market for around the 10k mark in a few months, probably less for a netrider with arrow pipes, massive chicken strips, warranty etc (see avatar pic). very light about 170kg dry? most balanced, easiest and fun bike ive had the pleasure of riding. only upgrading to test what little skills I have on a litre bike. Another thing to consider is riding position. If your riding involves lots of long straight roads then it's no fun crouched on a sportsbike doing the speed limit.

    I wear earbuds so don't pay much attention to noise, just the music and anything that sounds like sirens. work colleagues have said it is bloody loud and cars no longer cut me off in traffic much compared to stock. I guess that's a good thing :)
  15. out oof the 3 you listed id be going to stripple. great bikes. I tossed up between the stripple and the sv650s and ended up going the sv (which im now selling due to dirtbike injuries and swapping over to a cruiser).

    you mentioned the sv's looks, I wasnt completely sold on its looks at first but its a great bike to ride.

    test out all the bikes your thinking of becuase no doubt some will feel better than others to you. thats whats I did.. ie test rose sv and stripple. chose sv.
  16. Haha I think I'll probably go the striple R. :)
    After hopping on one (not riding) but just sitting on one at peter stevens.. it's just perfectly sized and perfect for someone my height and just ticks all the boxes.

    April is ages away still but holy shit I cannot at all stop thinking about a new bike.

    Although in saying I'll go a striple, part of me still wants a monster or firestorm or buell firebolt or something! In love with twins. :|

    But yeh, when the time comes I'll test every bike I can get my hands on.
  17. ok, firebolt... all I can say, awesome!!! Amazing sound, looks amazing... No valve clearances to have to worry about. Belt drive so no chain to lube. And again, sound awesome hehe.

    Saw a nice one on bikesales for about 9k in red and lowish mileage... And my workmate has one. I just want to nick it from him.
  18. and just as a point

    Budget > SV650
    Mid Price > Z750
    Got the Cash? > KTM Duke / KTM Super Duke
  19. So many choices.:tantrum:
  20. Indeed there is... awesome isn't it ;)

    Again, I'll stand by my first post. Go test ride everything you can possibly sit on whether you like it or not. How else are you going to know?