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So I moved out of Vic to get away from the rain ?!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Well at least its not cold .... but going through our 4th flood this year is getting beyond a joke :facepalm:

    Back to roads cut by either water or landslides, missing work :dance: or worse yet getting stuck at work! :eek:hno:

    We have had steady rain all day, with the local news reporting some areas have had 400mm in the past 24hrs. My rain gauge overflowed sometime last night, so thats 150mm that I know of !

    Good thing the house is on the market, and so looking forward to moving back to sunny Melb soon.
  2. that sucks mate, has it come inside?

    how did the clean up go after the big one?
  3. Nah good drainage around the house, but all the work I've poured into the outside the past few weeks to pretty the place up for sale is all gone ](*,)

    They mentioned it on tonights news that there is over $50mill of repairs still to go from the last lot of floods.
  4. So you're coming back to vic?
  5. Legend and hearsay has it Bob that it hasn't rained in Victoria since you left. :-k I think I am starting to see a pattern. ;)
  6. Click your heals Robert and repeat after me, "there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home" :D
  7. Rain???
    We don’t got no Stinking Bloody Rain Down here
  8. it's not shock to hear you are coming back.....very few actually stay, all sounds great when you move but living there is a huge difference to visiting there:biker:
  9. :rofl:
    I actually love it up here [ as much as I hate it, I can also live with the work situation as well ]

    Yes I'm coming back, be it kicking and screaming all the way. :furious:

    Nadeen hates it here and can't get decent work, so she is one of the driving factors, along with now having three grandkids, it's just coming down to logistics, spend a fortune traveling and see them maybe twice a year, or move back and set up and work for myself. More $$ less travel and see all the kids more often.

    Then in maybe 15 years I'll be able to retire and come back up here ??

  10. :shock:

    Same area from where you left or there abouts?
  11. Move 100km's or so out from melb, thats what i did with sydney, you get no traffic great motorbike roads quietish towns and can be in the suburbs to visit friends or family in roughly a hour