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So I might have spent tens of thousands of tax payer $$$'s

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bonk, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. But I am amazed!

    This week, I complained to Blacktown City Council in Sydney about the condition of Powers Rd.
    Some road works were performed, which left a large ditch in the centre of the road, as well as some smooth, raised steel plates, and unswept gravel on a sweeping bend.

    Here's my e-mail
    Within 3 hours, I had a call from a project manager, Des, who informed me that the work was being carried out by a Sydney Water contractor, as part of a recycled water main project, running from Parramatta through to St Mary's.
    He also basically said, thanks for the info - we'll look into it.

    I receive this today:
    Now, I don't own a beige cardigan or a typewriter.
    It's not normally in my nature to fire off alarmist complaints for people to dutifully ignore.

    However, the road in question was disgusting, and although the culprit was a temporary road seal, Des was right: there's a minimum standard if there's going to be traffic on it, and this one was not even close to being met.

    I noticed from yesterday there were signs up, and the road plates were those yellow textured ones.

    I can't believe they didn't just ignore the problem, though :eek:

    Massive boost to my opinion that local government should get more responsibility, and state government should be abolished.

    I sent back to Des

  2. Nice work Bonk.

    Those steel plate things sound like flinders street between King and William street's some time ago, and the current surface is not much better.
  3. Re: So I might have spent tens of thousands of tax payer $$$

    Well done! I especially like the last part :grin:
  4. Top Marks, young Master Bonk, go to the top of the class.

    Whoodathunkit??? A non-spin answer from a bureaucrat :shock:.
  5. Not only that but kudos to you for letting someone know when they've done a great job and met or exceeded expectations. It easy to get fired up about something and complain (both legitimate and otherwise) but it shows real strength of character to write about good service. Having spent some time in customer service roles you would be amazed at how much a quick thank you can mean to a person or team's morale, and the positive impact it can have on their future behaviour!

    I think it also shows that it is important to speak up and highlight real issues that effect the community. Who knows, your actions just may have saved the life of a fellow netrider who may have been taken unaware of the poor road conditions. Give yourself a pat on the back and have a beer this arvo :)
  6. I encourage everyone to get on the case of sub-standard temporary (and permanent) road works. Bonk, the council would have reminded McConnell Dowell of their responsibilities as the Principal Contractor then action was taken. It shouldn't have occurred in the first place but people will be lazy/dodgy if they think they can get away with it.

    The milling out and reinstatement sounds like programmed works to me. Normally, you can't organise work like that that quickly unless there's an emergency.
  7. I think the best part is that you treated them with respect in your email.

    So many people feel the need to be sarcastic arseholes when writing these sorts of things. But you get more flies with honey than vinegar as they say, plus why bring a lot of grief into the world if you don't have to.

    Well done.
  8. fragbait said

    Not only that but kudos to you for letting someone know when they've done a great job and met or exceeded expectations.

    +1, how many times do we complain, but not compliment when the complaint is resolved? I know I try to, but I probably don't do it always.

    How many times do you send you compliments to the chef for a great meal? Yes he's doing his job, and, yes, he's getting paid for it, but speaking as an old chef, you'd be amazed how much it lifts your spirits at the end of a grinding shift when the waitress comes in and says "Mrs Jones at table four says that's the best steak she's had in years!"
  9. Wow, this actually works?

    I've just used the VicRoads contact form to advise them of 2 issues near my place - will let you guys know if it gets me anywhere :) . One of them is an easy fix - they built a new roundabout and forgot to get someone to mow it :LOL: . The weeds have overgrown it and you can't see through it very well anymore (if at all in the day :p)
  10. Onya mate. It gives me the shits when people moan about something and then aren't proactive about the solution to the problem. Way to lead by example! Good to know there are good guys out there in politics, too.
  11. Great stuff mate, can't believe they had such a fast response though!

    When I wrote to the council about a dangerous fence they'd stuck on the median strip completely obstructing vision for anyone wanting to turn it took them about 2 months to respond and then another for a half arsed solution of tapering the fence at one end.. and the fence still doesnt stop people from crossing there so its just a massive safety fail :(
  12. No problem i can see....

    You've got your cheap gear to protect you bonk..

    Seen this area myself - anyone riding responsibly will be fine..
  13. i know for a fact that council is paying for these works to be done as the water supply is coming from the shit farm in quakers hill to all the local parks for the sprinkler system to water the grass..

    lol i laugh at that comment cause thats all i hear from the council bosses, means go away to us, so your lucky something got done.
  14. When they've finished at your place, can you send them up here to beat some sense into the RTA and co? Every roundabout here not only has grass, but trees, and shrubs, and I'm not going to be at all suprised if tomorrow I see a child's playground, or a shop :evil:.
  15. Bonk, i travel that road every afternoon an it is a disgrace,interesting to see what happens.
  16. Well done Bonk !!!! BONK FOR MAYOR :cool:

    PS - When are ya buying US all a beer ? :grin:
  17. Well seeing as the area has been evaluated and work scheduled, are you trying to tell us you are less qualified or just less observant than a council construction worker?

    I made no mention of what gear I personally wear in that other thread, MotardsRus.

    In fact, you haven't responded to my last post in that thread either.

    Did I use words that were too big?

    Should I go back and rephrase, ensuring nothing has more than 2 syllables?
    Because, of course, I don't want to exclude you from the discussion in any way. That would be selfish of me.
  18. Hey Bonk, I just noticed you're in NSW. I'm in NSW too! We should catch up some time.
  19. Albury

    Seven Hills

    yeah, easy, let's do lunch


    {NOT ridiculing, just having a giggle, OK?}
  20. Yeah, whats up with that? Lets build roundabouts on a divided road and then cover all the divides and the roundabout itself in stuff to impede visibility.

    Bella vista is notorious for this...