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So I lost my cool .....

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by ZX_Ninja, Oct 11, 2010.

  1. My turn to vent .... I can handle cars cutting me off, turning in front of me, coming into my lane etc ... all these things I can put down to drivers not seeing me ... what I cant handle however is a deliberate attempt to "derail" me!

    Lets rewind. I was sitting at home yesterday, the weather seemed nice and I wanted to go for a quick spin, so I decided to go out for lunch. Half way to the shop I realised that my mates cafe was still closed, so I extended my ride to go through the RNP ... enjoying a nice slow ride through the natio (and enjoying the scenery, its been a while since I did the natio during the day) I once again decided to extend my ride and went down to Wollongong. I wanted to go to the lighthouse get some fresh air and buy an ice cream (all of which I did). Happy with my day and the clouds threatening to rain, I decided to head back. Riding past a crossing I slow down, I notice 2 teenagers standing there. I anticipate that they may jump in front so I've got my hand ready on the brake just in case. They don't however as I am right next to them one of them lunges forward and screams at me .... now normally I wouldn't have thought twice, but looking in my mirror I see them laughing and something inside me snapped. These clowns were trying to get me to flinch and possibly fall off my bike. No second thoughts, I pulled over, took my helmet off as I paced the street towards them then let loose with the colourful language ... one of them piss bolted as soon as I started yelling, the other just stood there like he was about to shit his pants !!! After I gave him a serve I got back on my bike and went home ... perfectly good day ruined by some little punks !!

    Once again, I can handle cars not seeing me, its something I signed up for when I decided to ride a bike, however people trying to cause us harm as part of a joke is not on!!

    /end rant!
  2. Damn that sucks. Kids... Were they in a car when u went to tell them off? That could also be a dangerous move though, in case they rage and come after you after you tell them off.
  3. Nah they were on foot ... and yeah it could have been a dangerous, I had no intention to punch on with teenagers however If one of them took a swing then I would defend myself.

    I'm sick and tired of the direction in which society is moving ... people are becoming more and more tolerant to such behavior, It wouldn't have been so funny if I flinched, dropped and crushed my leg or had the exhaust burn through my leg ... but that would have been my problem and a joke for them to tell there mates!!

    Little punks!!
  4. Good work! They sound like the type of assholes who would drop bricks from overpasses, and then when they kill someone would regret it for the rest of their lives. I had a prick do that to me once coming down Kingsway in Cronulla. Scared the crap out of me. I just kept on going. I think a good telling off will make them think twice about doing stupid shit.
  5. Ive posted here when the same thing happened when i was in town and there was a bunch of drunk teens walking up the road and pointing at me coming down the road and laughing, egging one guy on and pushing him toward the road.

    End result: It was 4 weeks before my wrist and forearm stopped hurting after i clobbered him in the head at 70kph when he leapt out at me with a big scream and waving his arms about.
  6. i've somebody did that to me i would chase them down on my bike.
  7. Well I am glad to see these responses, I was half expecting people to say I need to harden up and get over it.

    The way I see it, I hope to have achieved one of 2 things... 1) Stop some poor less experienced rider from stacking it because these clowns will think twice next time or 2) Stop these clowns from getting their heads kicked in when they pull the same stunt on the wrong person

    Either or, we deal with enough danger on the road with cagers to need to put up with punks like these.
  8. I have had this a few times. I leave near a private school and everytime they have a big rugby match all the dikheads seem to lurk behind the cars. Might do your trick next time
  9. How stupid! How is that even entertaining?

    Glad to hear you didn't get injured or stuff up your bike ZX_Ninja. Lucky they both didn't run away either so you could vent at one of them atleast.
  10. Couple of months ago I had some school kids in a bus yell at me through an open window as I was overtaking the bus. Totally wasn't expecting it and I had a massive wobble, but managed to stabilize.

    Irritating as hell =/
  11. HTFU and get over it Tito
  12. I wouldn't yell abuse at the kids..if I had bothered to stop at all I would have just screamed at them same as they had done to you...oh, I would have kept the lid on too.
  13. You know your red helmets next to your name on the white background look like checkers right ??? :)

    Rabbito, they deserved a smack in the head, they got away lightly IMO!
  14. Same here. It seems to be a thing that is gaining in popularity.

  15. Good on ya ZX. A few years ago i had a bunch of drunk kids (Grand final day i believe) walking in front of me on the road, i slowed down and then one of them grabs the front of my bike and starts talking absolute crap, going on and on about nothing. I answer one of 2 of the druken question then start getting anoyed and ask him to move. I start reving the engine and he's still not moving...so swing the leg to get off the bike and he decides that now is a good time to get out of the way. (There were about 10 watching this guy of them but they were like 14 years olds) So dangerous to start with (dark smaller street) then stupid.
    You get all types i guess...the nice ones are the little kids the piont or wave as you go past....
  16. Mm, yeah, I've had a few incidents with drunken idiots in Wollongong. One gentleman in particular who literally picked up a girl in his group and carried her out into the middle of the road (kicking and screaming) as I approached. :|

    Fortunately I had sufficient distance to stop and wait for them to sort themselves out.
  17. Nice one Deano. I was not so lucky and crashed due to a stupid pedestrian. Hopefully the little bastards learned their lesson.

  18. You know you have something at home i'm going to burn right? :D
  19. 'let's do that again..I'll make it look like an accident'