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so I kind of ran from the cops...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by crinkelcut_chip, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. so I kind of ran from the cops...

    ..but not intentionally !

    Ok so last night there was a booze bus on nepean highway. As thats all the police seem to do around here I'm quite use to them.. been through them at least 10 or so times in the last 6 months.
    But every time I've approached them they've never waved me over.. often I'll see them wave the few cars in front of me over with there glow stick thing but never me... even if there's space for me.
    I guess I've assumed this is because I'm on a bike and they're lazy and don't want to have to wait for me to take off my helmet etc.. to "difficult" I guess..
    (have you ever been pulled over at a booze bus ?... do you need to take your helmet off to do the test ?)

    Last nights setup was a little different however.
    3 lane section of nepean highway they had the
    -bus in the far right* hand lane..
    -cop car blocking the middle lane (so everyone was squeezed to the left)
    -and in the left lane there was a single cone on the road (about two car length past the car in the left lane.
    Just after the cop car in the middle there was a bit of space where cars had gone down to get breath tested.
    As I saw the lights I slowed right down.. there are cops standing around everywhere doing shit all, one holding one of the glow stick things but not waiving it.. as I approach I don't get waived in.. There was no direction from any of the cops.. no one was coordinating anything. I figure cool.. I continue past the cone on the road.

    Just after going past it I think.. oh shit.. I wonder if they just expected me to pull in..... I look in my mirrors and see two of them scrambling to there car... before they put the siren on I've already pulled over.. turned off my engine and sit there waiting. (I also had my helmet off and taken my earbuds (from mp3 player) out.)

    One rather agro officer walks up to me says "what the hell are you playing at"..
    I apologise and tell him I didn't think I needed to pull over.
    He goes ape and asks "so theres no problem me doing a breath test on you"... in a rather smug way... I say sure... I haven't had anything to drink in over a week.. he laughs and says sure..
    I do the test.. funnily enough a whopping nothing..

    He looks at my earphones which are hanging down out of the top of my jacket.. Id lost my normal ones and was using my "nokia" ones.. he looks at the label and said "nokia.... your on your P's.. thats an offense.. blah blah blah" starts writing up a ticket I say nah.. its plugged into my mp3 player.. I show him.. he rambles some shit off.. ends up saying don't be surprised if you get a fine in the mail.

    He still takes my details did a license check all that shit.. looked over my bike.. looked at my helmet.. (guessing he was looking for something wrong) Found nothing then gave me a bit of a lecture about irresponsible bike riders blah blah blah.. think we're above the law.. blah blah balh.. etc etc.
    And off I go

    Soo..... yer. Stupid me ? Yes probably a little.. shit cops... yer probably a little.

    Reckon its likely I'll get anything in the mail ?
    He did at some point threaten doing me for disobeying a lawful instruction or something. The way I see it is they never actually gave me an instruction.

    Not sure how you guys will take this.. in my favor or the cops. Looking back now I'm still in two minds weather I should have realised they wanted me to pull over.

    So what do you reckon.. am I the dickhead ? are are they just stupid ? .. or a bit of both ?

    oh yer.. (for those who read about my bike write off).. got the new bike a couple of weeks ago :d

    edit.. don't seem to know my left and right sides

  2. You say you've gone in about 10 times without being waved, why not today?
  3. Sorry.. I've gone PAST the RBT stops without being pulled in to them.
  4. Ah, cop was probably just a cock then. I've taken off from the lights once with a mobile setup on the other side a blind corner, almost cleaned up a hwp pulling in. One guy laughed it off and said "We could've picked a better spot" and another gave me the hooning p plater lecture.

    I always make a point of slowing down and moving to the left whenever there is one, just because I've wanted to avoid your situation, been waved on once when it was full. Lesson learned if they book you though, hey. But really doubt they will.
  5. Thought you were gonna say something like, "The cops saw me speeding and started to turn around, i darted down some back streets to avoid a fine"

    I was going to say "Ditto"
  6. I don't get that bit, since when has possession of a nokia been an offense??
  7. He assumed I was using my nokia mobile..
    not allowed to use a mobile phone while driving/ riding on p's
  8. Did that once, but I was on my pushie and they were after me for wearing no helmet :D

    I avoided an RBT today without even meaning too. I thought I'd take the extra long twisty way home from work this arvo and dodged one that was just after the turn off when I would have normally gone straight through. Might have been difficult explaining the helmet camera.
  9. Oh, I see.............
    No I don't see.

    Here's a good idea :idea:, they should make a law banning P platers from having norty thoughts whilst riding.
    Then they could just issue on the spot infringements to all P platers all of the time.
    Crikey! An endless revenue stream! :)
  10. Impressed he could read the small "Nokia" label, what with the pubic hair and scrotum obscuring his vision...
  11. ive driven off on one before and had them come running down the road when i realised all yelling and screaming.
    it was 2 cars, 2 cops, and there was an ambulance talking to them so i assumed that there must have been an accident or somethin, not a bretho! so i just drove through as they didnt wave, barely even looked, as i go past i can hear someone yelling, look in my mirrors and this cop must have thort he was usain bolt! i pulled over, explained why i didnt stop and they were fine, mind you some of the cops that have pulled me over or tested me would have shot at the car (was driving at the time)
    some wait for you to take a helmet off, others just ram it down your throat through whatever little gap they can find!
  12. The last time I slowly rode through a booze bus operation, the officer with the baton signalled me in ... at the last farkin possible moment, I might add. I think he suddenly realised I was going to ride through if he didn't expend a bit of energy to do his god-damned job. I wasn't pissed off in the end because the officer who breath-tested me was fair-dinkum and allowed me to keep all my gear on while he did so.

    The time before that I slowly rode towards the officer with the baton, he did nothing, so I continued riding. No-one threw a stroppy over it and that was that.

    This "rather agro officer" needs his balls kicked up into his spleen, in my not so humble opinion. What the hell does he think he is playing at by accusing our fellow NetRider of failing to obey a lawful direction when his slovenly colleagues were too butt lazy to give a lawful direction in the first place?

    The calibre of traffic officer in the Victorian Police Farce is just a complete and utter joke these days. They are arrogant and rude and forget that they serve the community, that we employ them to keep us safe from harm and provide assistance where necessary, not to bully and harass us, and certainly not to look for opportunities to extract revenue from us for minor and inconsequential infringements of traffic regulations.

    Back in the good old days local councillors were elected by the townspeople during an open town meeting, and those councillors in turn would hire a police deputy, who would in turn hire officers. If the local townspeople had a problem with the deputy or a officer he hired, then all they would need to do is propose a motion during the next town meeting to have the offending person sacked, and it would be done.

    Dead shame we gave this up for the sake of centralised government, economies of scale, globalisation and all that related bullsh!t that has served us sooo well as of late. I want an open town meeting where we can all vote to take Steve Bracks and John Brumby a hundred miles out to sea and throw the bastards overboard. I would say the same of Christine Nixon but the problem is the b!tch would float.
  13. :rofl:
  14. You win crinklecut...arrogant, intimidating, tazer weilding criminal power freaks :wink:
  15. I reckon if anyone believes anyone from the police has done a bad job, put in a complaint on the VicPol website. I look at it this way....When I'm at work and I stuff up, I hear about it from my bosses. Why should it be different for them?
  16. Crinklecut, mate not having a go at you, but if there was a cone in the left lane blocking cars, like you stated and showed in you pic, then whether they directed you in or not you should have gone in. Just because there was a gap that you could fit threw doesn't mean you should have. It must have been there to naturally cuase a direction of traffic into the test area (admittly more for cars). No other reason for it to be there.

    This said, the cop was an ass and i agree with all, he needs to take a look at himself and his professionalism (or lack of) for the way he dealt with it, mainly due to the fact you stopped when you realsied and before they had to chase you, should have listened and used some common sense which i guess is the problem. IMO you won't get a ticket. Did he hint at what the ticket would be for? I would think if he was going to give you one he would have done it then and there.
  17. 1. They always say they will send you a ticket in the mail because they cant do anything and want to make you sweat. If you got a ticket they would have handed it to you.

    2. Like Zealt said... I actually thought it was going to be the quick dash into the back roads. ditto :p
  18. If a cop sais “don’t be surprised if you receive something in the mail”, then ask them what the charge will be
    If he doesn’t know what the charge is going to be right there and then, then you don’t want to give him time to make $hit up later.
  19. ...I thought it was legal to have your head phones on, no matter if it is a phone headset or not? I mean I am still under restrictions, but with a full license, and use to ride with my nokia head phones connected to my mobile so I can listen to the radio...but not using the phone. Not like you can talk to anyone when the microphone is jammed half way down the inside your jacket with a helmet muffling the words coming out of your mouth.

    Anyways, I reckon that police officer should have had a chill pill and chillax a bit.

    Has anyone noticed that there have been a lot of police on duty recently...in the final month before end of business year?

    phong =P~
  20. We got stopped in the main street of Charlton on sunday arvo for a random breath test, all 4 bikes just asked to stop in the middle of the street and breathtested.
    Cop reckoned I looked like a submarine with a periscope sticking up as we didn't have to remove our helmets.

    Charlton is about halfway between Melbourne and Mildura on the calder highway.
    Second time I've been stopped in the main street of Charlton by the police though the last one was in 1988 and was a warning for tailgating a car with caravan doing 20 kmh.