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So I hit a filtering Motorcyclist

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by mexiwi, Dec 21, 2015.

  1. So as a rider - the worst thing you can do is hit another rider in your car!!!

    On the way to work in a bit of a dream - we had break in Fri night while we were in the house.

    I was stopped at the lights, first car, right lane of a dual lane road - going straight.

    Right turn arrow goes green and I goose forward a couple feet and stop, not my light - just as a guy filters past and pulls in front of me, we collect each other and he goes down.

    He was somewhat angry, i was stunned I had done suck a bone thing, his Oggy Knobs saved most damage but broke a footpeg and the oggys.

    Exchanged details, will see what he comes back with for cost.

    I think i am wrong, I mean I hit him.

  2. Hey Mexiwi, Its been a while.

    Hard to tell who's at fault based on the limited description.

    One assumes if you hit him in the arse, its your fault. If you collected him on the side, it's not so clear cut as to whos at fault.

    I mean, I cant see why you'd nudge forward if you knew the bike was in front of you?
  3. Oh man, some days when it rains, it pours... Very sorry to hear about the break in, it's the scariest thing to happen to a family, especially when you were inside! And then this..... You obviously feel awful about it. Don't beat yourself up, it was an accident, and it sounds like there's not a lot of damage.
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  4. I've hit him/he's hit me fair on his right hand Oggy (it was an R6) with LH corner of my bumper (well actually my wife's car's bumper so I'm in the shit for that too)

    Here's his Oggy mark on my bumper.

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  5. A common danger when filtering.

    I've had a few incidents where as I've filtered past the front car's door to the front they have gunned it through the red, same thing when arrows change.
    A good habit for filtering bikes is to checkout the drivers focus before pulling infront of them, as many of the above were distracted in my case.

    It sucks, shit happens....when I've been forced to drive the Imperial cage I will admit to being caught offguard on filtering bikes.
    Personally I reckon its your fault, as a rider despite it sucking it should be a risk to expect and not get to worked up about.
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  6. This outa be interesting. Based on what I see, you haven't run up his clacker. I would think the rider would be found 'at fault'.

    My opinion (which counts for nothing) is that if your going to filter, you need to keep clear of cars, which it seems the rider didn't?

    I would have thought for you it would be at worst be 50/50 costs?

    I'd be more worried about the shit I'm in with the missus :]

    And sucks that you got broken in to. Did you manage to get those big hands of yours on the prick?
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  7. No - but scared them off.

    Heard the noise and got halfway down the hall and realised someone was inside - I just yelled out and they legged it. Police came and checked the back yard. Later noticed my wallet was gone (F*ck!!)
  8. The picture is interesting.
    It appears the rider was certainly in-front (not just beside) and the direction of scratch certainly indicate the car overtook and shunted the bike....I'd be describing the incident as more a rear-end.
    If the rider was beside and it was on a door panel I would fully agree.
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  9. To me it looks like you could argue that he merged into a gap that wasn't there. You had right of way in your lane (even though there was a red) and he essentially tried to merge into your lane without a safe gap. It would be the same whether the light was green and it was a car moving into your lane.

    Until stuff like this goes to court and judges start setting precedents there will be an awful lot of grey in this area.
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  10. im sure you will do the right thing mate
    have a think about it
    don't worry what the internet people say
    they weren't there
    I know your a good bloke and will act accordingly
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  11. tough one... i'd say it has to be shared responsibility, i wonder if, as filtering becomes more common, drivers (including rider-drivers) will become more aware of people coming through.

    insurance companies will argue it out and set a precedent with or without court...... and probably charge both rider and driver premiums as it's in the companies favour to blame both.

    bugger though.
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  12. is that the front or rear bumper mate?
  13. Bigger, bugger, bugger.
    Sad state on all fronts.

    On the filtering / ramming incident. IMO, unfortunately I think you are at fault.
    It is a riders risk when they filter to the front that a distracted driver will go to take off on the wrong light.
    I always keep an eye on any drivers that look edgy or impatient to ensure that they don't go prematurely.

    Did you cross the stop line ?
    As you were facing a red light you are obliged to stay behind the line until the light changes to green.
    If the rider was performing a legal manoeuvre while you were not then I think it would be against you.
  14. Front mate.

    I know I'm wrong, was just pissed off !

    I would have crossed the stop line when i jumped, it was just bad timing just as he slotted in front.
  15. yeh well
    shit happens mate
    he is ok?
    hows life otherwise?
    sounds like you need a bit of time on the bike with mates
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  16. Fark that's a day from hell. Glad you and the family are ok items can be replaced, chalk the accident done to one of those things and move on.
  17. have a close look at the start and end of the scrape mark, see which direction it is going..

    with the new filtering laws, are bikes allowed to cross the stop line?
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  18. G'day everyone,...

    Like all vehicles bikes must also obey the laws including those lines on the road so I would have to say NO they are not supposed to cross the stop line.

    Just my thoughts.

    Dr Who?
  19. Everything else isn't too bad now, working back in Melbourne which is a novelty after 6 years - being home every night is very good.

    Possibility of buying into or taking over the business where I am working so saving the shekels and seeing what happens, so still no bike :(
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  20. #20 darrenwilliam79, Dec 22, 2015
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2015
    I was thinking the same thing. If you're at the stop line, the filtering bike technically shouldn't be crossing it to pull in front of you. Although when I filter i do exactly that like most people. Anyway it might get you out of paying his damages if thats what you want. Conversely if you feel its your fault and want to pay for the damage go ahead i guess
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