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So I hit a car a few weeks back

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Resident, May 28, 2007.

  1. As the title suggests this happened just over 2 weeks ago (on the 11th)

    I was heading home from Kingston at around 3pm after getting some lunch. Came up the street that the Kingston pub is on (don’t know the name) and turned left into the left hand lane. As I approached the next intersection (where the BP service station is) the car in front of me was breaking to turn left, so I over took into the right hand lane. This is where things went wrong.

    A car had come out (through a stop sign) from the same direction as the car in front of me had been turning; combined with the car that was halfway through turning I was now facing a wall of cars as I came along at 60Ks. I remember thinking the same things that always go through my head when someone decides to try and kill me (namely a mixture of expletives as I emergency break and blast the horn), I remember seeing the driver’s side door getting very close and thinking “bugger I’m not going to stopâ€, and next thing I know I’m flying, followed by waking up in Canberra hospital a hour or so latter.

    Luckily I escaped with some bruises and a really sore knee (I’m guessing from smacking it on the bike or car as I flew over them). Bike on the other hand (1990 across) is well and truly a goner, when I went to get some stuff out of the boot I had a good look at it and it was a good 2 feet shorter then I remember.

    From what I can gather when I hit the car I was catapulted into the roof of it (which is when I’m thinking I lost consciousness) and then went rolling down the road coming to a stop about 10 meters from the car. Luckily being around the time school finishes there were plenty of people who stopped and gave assistance or so I've been told. Police said that when they saw me they thought I was dead or would have at least been missing a lot of skin (luckily neither was the case).

    This is a prime example of why wearing full gear (and why getting some knee protection for draggins) is not just a good idea but will save you from having serious injuries. I was wearing full gear and the only things that took a beating were my helmet and boots (and only the helmet needs to get replaced).

    Hopefully I’ll get the money for my bike and helmet this week so I can go bike shopping :grin:
  2. Good to hear you're okay. But if my understanding is correct then I think this is a prime example of why you don't overtake vehicles at speed when you don't have a clear view of what other traffic is doing.
  3. after yesterday, some Draggins are on my christmas list
    much better then slinging a 'pimp stick' for a month

    glad you're okay now, it's never good to wake up in hospital
    RIP your Across.
  4. so did you have the inserts in your draggins, or you didnt have draggins at all?
    good to hear your allright
  5. yes, inserts for draggins are a very good idea, i picked up a set just after i smacked my knee into the ground at 50km/h...

    ...its just a question of being bothered to put them in...
  6. does anyone know if hornee jeans have the holes for inserts? I totally forgot to look for that when I bought a pair recently from syd city motos
  7. Glad you came out of it ok, sounds like it could have been a lot worse.

    As for me, i blame the Across. :p :twisted:
  8. Good that youre okay.. sucks about the bike though..
  9. Hmmm If youv'e already purched them have a look .... :roll:
  10. had the same (but near miss) the other day. Cager pulled into my lane then immediatelt braked. I switched to the now vacant lane, but the other cage in front swung into it and braked as well!.

    Luckly the R1 bakes are awsome! Ande no one was up my six! :shock:
  11. glad to hear you want to get back on the road mate.

    yes inserts in your kevlar jeans are a very very good idea. when i came off a few months back, at an artirial road speed limit, the kevlar in my jeans wore away. this happened because my knee got pinned under the tank for the the VERY brief amount of time i stayed with the bike. i dont rekon i would still have a knee cap mind you if i was just wearing normal jeans. after that i brought proper dririder riding pants. i havnt road tested em yet but ill get back to you when i do :wink:

  12. If not you can get separate armour that has velcro on the back so they stay where they should...at least...I do :)
  13. It sounds like the second car might have pulled out in front of him. So Resident, what do you think you could do next time to avoid the situation?

    It seems to me that it's a good example of why you should consider yourself invisible when riding your bike...
  14. Yeah, doesnt sound like the over-take was a good move... but glad you're OK. :)

    I got some of those valcro things that go in the Draggins. I haven't used them though because they keep falling out, are uncomfortable and sweaty.