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So I hired a car on Monday.....

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Bogus69, Jul 26, 2006.

  1. I prefer driving to riding.

  2. Nearly as much as riding.

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  3. 'bout the same I guess.

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  4. I sometimes enjoy driving, like when it's not commuting

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  5. Only when it's raining

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  6. Cars are for wooses

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  1. Bloody hell, I felt really unsafe in the car.

    -Poor visability due to sitting low and having roof pillars everywhere.
    -Poor manuverabilty
    -no less chance of having someone merge into you (I reckon)

    Now I know why they are called cages. Not so much because they cage a car driver but because they feel like a cage to a bike rider when they have to drive one.

    I didn't realise quite how much I enjoy riding until then....

    My next vehicle will definately be another bike :)

    Any riders out there actually enjoy driving?
    If so do you enjoy it as much as riding?
  2. I have loathed driving for a long long time. I forgot how much fun it could be to travel since I hadn't ridden a m/bike for like 14 or so years. That all changed when I decided to ride again, jumped on a bike, instant love!

    It's made me drive slower overall as I am even more bored now when I drive (pre shoulder accident in march). Would never have a car except we're planning a family in the future so it will come in handy then, also handy for some stuff here and there. But it's never fun when having to drive.
  3. About the same, but then my car is a tricked out falcon which has a bill of around $50,000 in modifications.

    18" Mags, Custom interior, modified turbo motor and transmission, custom exhaust, full electrics and TV/DVD system with a 15" Flat Panel LCD Screen in the boot with 2 15" subwoofers.

    But i will say this it hasn't been out of the garage since i got my motorbike, I'm still single and loving the freedom to spend money on the motorbike and the petrol bill for both.
  4. Depends on the car. A sorted 5 litre can be just as much fun in the twisties as a bike. Getting her sideways, bit of drift bit of oversteer.
    Just not as quick and a whole lot safer.
  5. ive never really driven a car :( i guess im still at the "omgomg car" stage ;)
    cept not being able to lanesplit sucks!
  6. I agree OutbreakMonkey, Drifting can be just as much fun as riding, Only you can't get past the other cagers through the twisties as easily if you get caught behind slow moving traffic.
  7. The big negative of trying to have fun in cars is the greater expense to the hip pocket.
    Personally I'd rather drive my V8 than ride a 250 :) Better acceleration and handling than most 250s.
    But if the choice is b/w taking the firestorm or the SS then I usually take the former. Cheaper on fuel and tyres.
  8. I luuurrrvveee riding, reallly really do. But (and its only a small but) I also like to thrash my car around a bit. Got a corolla hatch back. Its a 1.6 litre fuel injected red rocket with a big muffler :grin:
  9. hey motormouse, is it an AE86???

    If it is you have me on my knees bowing down to the ultimate drift car, The humble little rolla.

    My mate has one and it is an absolute weapon through chain of ponds.

    I struggle to keep him on the corners on my bike.
    Mainly because he can take some corners at close to 100kmhr, corners that i wouldn't push 65-70 on the bike. - No Fear and all that..
  10. I have a Crewman as a company car that i can do what i like with, all paid, no expences, no fuel costs, comfortable, warm. and yet i still ride the VFR at every chance i get :)
  11. Boring car = boring drive. Fun car= fun drive! I love to carve up a good road with a well handling, well braked car.
    Just like bikes!

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Yeah my cousin is doing up a Chrylser 300C as a drift car, now that would be fun! :shock: :shock:
  13. Sounds pretty sik :roll:
  14. No I wish. See photo, but mines red! Cause red goes faster! And the muffler is about 10x bigger :cool:
  15. Yeah really depends on the car. Bugs me when people claim that driving can never be as fun as riding when all they've ever driven is family sedans never designed for fun in the first place. I mean sure an R6 would be more fun in the twisties than say a Prado - but likewise a decent sportscar (and I'm talking something light and which actually handles as opposed to one of those V8 land yachts :p) would be far more fun than a cruiser.
    Edit: Oh and having a car that you can take the roof off of definately helps with those feelings of confinement and poor visibility :) .
  16. I love driving in my big red landrover. I'm glad I also ride, because all of my good headchecking habits have crossed over to my driving. I'm also on the lookout for my fellow riders.

    I love my car because it is comfortable, powerful, is excellent off-road so I can go camping whenever I like, or park somewhere others couldn't if I really need to. I've already helped tow one person out of a sticky situation, and I carry recovery gear around for that purpose.

    Please no preaching about unjustified 4x4 ownership, I have plenty of patches of dirt near where I live for lots of offroad fun. It's a hobby of mine. I've taken it to fraser, and other places where a 4x4 is not only advantageous, but necessary, and I plan to in the future.

    Not everybody's cup of tea, but I love it.

    Given any chance I'll ride the bike to work over the landy though. Road travel is definitely more fun on the bike. The car is great for rainy days though.
  17. True, boring car = boring drive.

    I've been spoilt with AWD vehicles for the past 6 or so years.
    Moving to a motorbike i've had to adjust to taking it easy since i've been use to knowing some tricky Diff or ABS would save me if it all goes pear shape.

    I still enjoy my driving, but riding is way more fun.

    I've noticed I get the shits more when diving, it takes forever to get somewhere especially in Sydney ! :eek:
  18. :? Well not my choice of weapons... Supra TT, or RX7 S6.... mmmmm.... but within my budget its an S13 SR20DET :grin:

    But on topic, I dont mind driving most of the time (esp in the rain), but all depends on what i'm in.... not the work van ofcourse :'(
  19. Well in the end it is just a car, that i have wasted the majority of the last 4 years pay on and then i got a motorbike. Well the times have changed and a less expensive motorbike has given me more enjoyment and thrill then the car ever did.

    The car is fast in a straight line and sort of in corners. Just not as fast as the motorbike in the corners.

    Will be changing to a Hyabusa after I am off restrictions next year on the GS500.
  20. All depends on the car and the road...

    I used to so love getting my little Vit out on gravel and powersliding my way around corners. but i'll have to say for comuting the bike is so much more fun.

    Maybe i have to get some play with a bike off road to be able to make a proper apples for apples comparison.