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So I had an epiphany.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by N2O, Jul 4, 2006.

  1. I had my heart set on the hyo gt250r since I wrote my vt250f off 2 months ago.
    ...Until today...
    As much as i hate to admit it, once 16th feb comes around I'm going to want to piss off a 250 and jump on something bigger (and therefore better, because i'm a 19 year old punk kid).

    I really want any old 250 that will be *relatively* reliable and stick with me for 6 months, while still holding it's value somewhat.

    I would prefer something faired, but if not, then oh well.

    Are there any thoughts on the matter?

    I looked at a couple of zzr-250's on trading post, and they were around 2-3,000, which is my ideal range. Is the zzr reliable when at around 50,000kms, or should I be looking somehwhere else?

    Thanks guys.
  2. So are you trading in the Epiphany? Is it a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke? Can't say I've ever ridden one.
  3. might start costing you money after 50,000.

    i know someone who'll probably be selling her's soon. i'll look into how many k's she's got on it and what she's asking and let u know....
  4. I used to know a girl named Tiffany, any relation :LOL:
  5. I'm no good on the whole sarcasm thing so:
    A sudden manifestation of the essence or meaning of something.
    A comprehension or perception of reality by means of a sudden intuitive realization: “I experienced an epiphany, a spiritual flash that would change the way I viewed myself” (Frank Maier).

    I figure I'll probably only do a few thousand k's on it, so if I look around the 30,000km mark on a zzr would that be better?

    that'd be great if you'd let me know carri about that zzr.

    Now i've just got to fix my car so I can get around to checking out a few different bikes. Or just sell it for more cash.

    Anyone wanna buy a '77 Triumph 2500S :p
  6. if it was a PI may be :)

    had a mate that droped a chrysler 440 in a Mk2PI and used it for hillclimbs, now THAT was a balls and all rocket in a straight line and sounded shmick before CAMS got all green and stomped on the noise emisions.
  7. GPXs are like the ZZR, and I picked up mine second-hand for $4500 with < 10,000km on the clock, now 5 years old (mind you, she was pretty darn broken when I got her).

    Check them out on BikePoint.
  8. The VT will live again. :wink:

    ZZR's and GPX's (same engine) are very good bikes. I had a GPX and it did need some things replaced around the 50k km mark, most notably cam chain and clutch.
  9. I have a GPX 2004 Model that I am looknig at selling on for $4500

    Very good bike and fun to ride.

    I also have a zzr600 :)
  10. A 77 Triumph 2500S?? Be still my beating heart...

    hey Woodsy, not the PI, model, not as long is it's got the standard windscreen wiper motor driving the injector pump :LOL:
  11. lol, yeah but those 2L straight 6's used to rev there nuts off with a bit of tweaking, just had to remember NOT to back off around a corner or the wheels would try and fold under LOL.
  12. 77 would be the very last of them.

    Nice cars but I like the older Rover 2000TC better. :LOL:

    Similar performance but I like the Rover handling with the De Dion rear end (and the inboard rear discs) - they look good too and haven't dated that badly. :wink:
  13. Oh indeed, I had a mate who had a PI with a Bosch Fuel Injector pump, and some decent tuning, the car was turning around 180bhp and sounded so good!!

    The back end was ok as long as you looked after the outer wheel bearings; that was where most of the cornering 'wind-up' came from. Hot fix was to replace the entire half-shaft with a Datsun 1600 shaft (same splines, amazingly enough) and the bearing problems went away permanently

    oh, the stories I could tell.......

    Tony, I had a '78 AMI built version, that WAS the last year, for sure.....

    Rover 2000TC was a much more elegant car, but heavier and less powerful, so not as quick. Most shipped with slush-boxes too, whereas you could get that gorgeous Lay c o c k de Normanville Overdrive box on the Triumph...
  14. Why would you back off going 'round a corner??? (Try doing that in a Triumph GT6 - now THAT'S an epiphany! :LOL: )
    Actually, a 2500S is spares on the hoof for me... (thinkin'...)
  15. I have a ZZR250..Great bike.. hasn't missed a beat since i got it. Got it secondhand with around 43,000km's on the clock.After 4 months it now has 48.900km's on it and I haven't had a problem. Fantastic bike to ride.
    GO the "KWAKA"S" :grin:
  16. Actually, (from my own experience) it is usually the splines themselves that cause problems, from lack of lubrication. 200B rear works as well.

    Or, you could get the P6 V8. Quicker again. Only problem was it steered like an ocean liner.
    Maybe I should leave this thread alone...
  17. Hornet,
    the real competitor for the later 2500 was the P6B Rover (the 3500) but I've driven a 2500TC with the manual box and they drive very nicely indeed. (I've driven almost every Rover from the first "Cyclops" P75 to the SD1 - and owned a P4 100, 110 and a MkIII 3 litre - best of the lot)

    If I wanted a Triumph though I'd go for the Dolomite Sprint :LOL:

    (obligatory motorcycle content here - Rover made Motorcycles in their early days )

  18. DON'T GO THERE!! (the horror, the horror... :shock: )
    Four head gaskets in two years... along with the accompanying seized, then broken, studs (one head had to be melted off!)... broken crank (twice)... two fuel pumps... input shaft bearing failure... rear wheel fell off at speed... shall I go on?
  19. :shock: Gawd titus.. what did you buy?? A LEGO bike :LOL: :LOL: . :p
  20. Neither of the ones I knew had any problems - mind you the fact that they were both written off by their owners within 6 months might have accounted for it :roll:

    I do remember that they went like stink :LOL: