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so I got wet...

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by Thera, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. Google Map route

    So I finish work on sundays around 4pm, and seeing as though the wife and child are away.... ride time!

    Heading of from work I headed of down to Ringwood with the plan of going to the black spur. Then maybe come back depending on the weather... and now I am sitting here slowly warming up, I am probably regretting my inquisitive nature, and deep seated desire to explore.

    So today is the first time I have ridden the spur, and it is quite an enjoyable ride, though I would of liked to go at least 100km/h and not the posted 80(which is a topic for another day). I spent some time at the HART stand at the expo and this little effort today, confirms whilst I can do the twisty stuff, it is not as smooth as I would like it. I started off in the Dry and got to Narbethong in good order and with a nice guy in a commodore pulling over to let me pass. If your reading this mr policeman, I hope i didn't wander to far north of 80, I was trying not to although temptation is an evil mistress. And I'll take it on good faith that the lack of lights, sirens and ticket means I was well enough behaved. Never mind the numpty in the hiulx with the trailbikes in the back who can't stay in his own damn lane.. Pay attention on mountain roads you numpty(And you owe me a new pair of daks)!

    Heading into Narby, I saw a sign for Warburton and thought... "Hey I'll go have a looksie..." welllll nice road, maybe a lane and a half, trees at the edge of the road. 10 or so km's of bitumen, nice easy flowing twisties, and a reasonably good surface... then there was 15 or so km's of dirt... Not afraid of a little adventure I poked along that way a bit and thought i could smell rain. Stopping to chuck on my wet weather pants, a guy in an old commoder pulls up and checks to see if I'm okay. I responded with "Just chucking on the rain pants mate, you don't want wet nuts on a bike", he laughed and headed off. 2 mins down the road and it starts spitting... I get off the dirt(It ended just before the turn of to Mount Donna Buang) and decided to head up the mountain, whats a little rain spit ? Get to the top, nice ride up, had to dodge a scrub turkey(or two!) saw there wasn''t much to see and headed down.. just as it started pelting down...
    Did I mention the bugs? next time I won't ride through a swarm of them.. lets just say a quick stop to clear out the helmet was required.

    Heading into Warburton, and then the slow cruise to lilydale(rain had just stopped and I needed coffee, also to wring out gloves) then home.

    * Motorider coat ... wet on the outside, warm and dry on the inside!
    * River Leather Gloves ... soaked through, although they didn't freeze my hands on the eastern.
    * Pants ... Excellent nice and dry. Should of clipped the strap under my boots though(Lazy git!)
    * Boots ... Left one, little damp. Right one, ... about half full. By not strapping the pants they crawled up and let water in, the right more then the left. They would of been perfectly dry otherwise, and this teaches me a lesson for being lazy.

    I initially thought my riding fitness was pretty alright. 4 hours in the saddle is a good enough reminder that it's not as good as I thought. I also think the heavy work backpack didn't help either.

    I think I have seen enough out that way, for me to want to explore some more, maybe I should buy a motard next.
  2. Please edit the Google maps reference so the post doesn't require a 2400x2400 screen resolution to fit it in. Try www.snipurl.com.
  3. yeah i was fixing that as you posted hornet
  4. noice!!!! :).

    On the subject of wet, after yesterday's early effort on the Musketeers Ride, I can report the 'dri' part of DriRider, as in Nordic boots, is, indeed valid.

    I can also report that the 'dry' part of MotoDry, as in jackets, is, at best, advisory :LOL:.
  5. I've always wondered about those roads through the middle of the reefton/black spur loop..

    Now I know they are part dirt!

  6. The road signed 'Warburton' from Narbethong (St. Fillian's) is the Acheron Way. Beautiful country through there, just have to watch the wildlife. Wombats and Wallaroos love that road, too....even in the daytime :LOL: