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So I got to have a crack on the world's fastest production bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Loz, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. I went all the way to California to chase a ride on this thing, and boy was it worth it. I haven't shat myself like that on two wheels for a loooooooong time. And it's electric. Just a mind-blowing experience... Thought you lot might get a giggle out of the video - facts and figures here: http://www.gizmag.com/lightning-ls218-review-ls-218/36470/
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  2. They surprised a lot of non believers at the IoM TT with their capabilities
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  3. Not only that, they beat the petrol bikes up Pike's Peak by 20 bloody seconds. That's an absolute pants-down, over the lap spanking. Battery bikes will be taking a giant steaming dump on combustion engines within 10 years. I'll miss the sound when I watch races, but the performance of this thing was like nothing I've ever experienced.
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  4. Top stuff!

    So what's the recharge time and range like? Would the idea be to eventually have swap and go batteries?
  5. Entertaining as ever Loz, what a weapon.
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  6. Loz, old mate you never cease to entertain and inform. I love your work.
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  7. Range is a max of 300km on the big battery, and recharge time would be overnight on a wall socket. But as this is in California, you can go to a CHAdeMO fast charger and have it topped up in 25 minutes or so. If Lightning can get access to the Tesla supercharger network, this thing would charge in less than 10 minutes, so they're working on that. Battery swapping really isn't an option on these kinds of vehicles, the battery is so huge that bike's more or less designed around it - and since it's carrying enough power to melt metal they wanna keep the battery area well under control. Put it this way, a small LiPO multicopter battery carries as much energy as a hand grenade. This thing is gigantic.

    If you wanna get right into this stuff check out this interview with the guy that builds the Lightning: http://www.gizmag.com/lightning-ls218-richard-hatfield-interview/36506/
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  8. So if your touring, eventually all petrol stations would have access to a high amp network and you would just stop for 10 mins. That's quite reasonable. Especially given since you've been riding 4 hours you probably wanna stretch your legs. Not as quick as filling a tank obviously but they are mobile outside of their range which is a big plus. I guess that's what I thought was the major hurdle for electric vehicles a limited range and then they become useless.
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  9. The Top Gear Gang were pretty damning on electric cars, pathetic mileage and overnight recharging, but this bike looks to address those shortcomings very well....
  10. And in Australia, they are pretty much useless once they're outside their range. Mind you we're a hugely geographically disparate country. I can't see long range electric touring happening here for a long time. But something like the Zero SR is already giving you 200+ km of really fun commuting range on a "tank" that costs about 2 cents.
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  11. As I understand it, Top Gear had their script written before they ever drove it, and the script included them running out of charge. It was a Tesla, right? I seem to remember Elon Musk cracking the shits at them about driving long past the warnings and whatnot. A new Tesla will go 600 miles without charging - and they have Insane Mode which accelerates like a mofo. 600 miles is just about Melbourne to Sydney, that's a gigantic range.
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  12. Top gear is the car review equivalent of professional wrestling. Entertainment yes, truthful...

    Sorry to spoil the magic.
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  13. No, they tested a Nissan and a Peugeot, and while they pushed it for theatre and laughs, you can't deny that around three hundred miles range and twelve hours recharge AND crazy purchase pricing is just eco fur the sake of it.
    The bike on the other hand is eminently feasible.
    I do think that I've lived long enough to discern the difference between entertainment and factual content, sorry to dismiss the put-down....
  14. No magic there, it's always been pure entertainment, up until they sacked Clarkson that is, now it's nothing.
    Back on the electric bike then.
  15. so did you sneak one out in parts loz? its hawt.
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  16. Is it faster than the H2?

    10 mins recharge is ok. But what if you pull up and have to que like currently happens some times? The game of choosing the person who will finish first will have much higher stakes! lol.
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  17. Great video, many thanks.

    Awesome bike and I very much lok forward to the future of electric powered beasts like this becoming the norm.
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  18. That was older technology though. They were warming to what the future held.
  19. I want one. So badly.

    Great video too - thanks for sharing. :)
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  20. Fair point, although at the end they did say the future for cars is hydrogen. And it looks like the Koreans have beaten the Japanese to the punch on that ...
    This won't happen for bikes but electric bikes look like being the next huge thing...