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So i got mugged a couple years ago

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by wang chung, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. I was out tearing da clubs up and Was blind drunk,

    Went outside with my 3 new bestest friends, walking along talking shit.

    Then they shove me in the bushes and take my wallet, i ask for the wallet back so i can keep my cards and shit. They give me that back
    No idea how much money they took cause i don't know what was in my wallet - between 2 and 100 dollars ?

    I realised my phone was missing !

    You guys seen my phone?
    Nah mate
    Can i use your phone to call my phone?
    yeah ok - He hands me his phone so i can call mine :LOL:
    I call it, no one picked up. lol and NO it didn't start ringing in one of their pockets.

    Then we had abit of a chat.. one of them waved to me as we departed.
    I snobbed them cause they just mugged me :p

    Then i called 000 from a pay phone, they told me to go to the cop shop - which was about 5 min walk away.

    Told the cop what happend - he kept telling me i didn't make sense.
    I tried to convince him if he gets a cop car to go up the road he will see 3 people there :eek:
    Gave up.
    Filled out a form, went home.

    Funny night :LOL:
  2. sounds like fun :( :mad:
  3. sounds like you still are.
  4. Your muggers were kind enough to hand back your wallet, let you use one of their phones and not beat the shit out of you?

    You got away lightly. I think that you should chalk this one up to experience and choose your friends a bit better.
  5. matty... your a strange one...
  6. Shut your hole Wang Chung!
  7. lmfao.. now thats funny instigator! gold!
  8. I've been pondering whether to post that for over a week...
    Friday night - Work - Boring as fsck... Why not... :grin: