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So, I go in for knee surgery on Thursday

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by doonx, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. at The Avenue Hospital, Windsor. The guy with the knife is the guy who did Alisa Camplin's ACL reco that saw her win Bronze in Turin 16 weeks later. I'm having an Arthroscope and Lateral Release, left knee. In overnight as the knee is going to pumped full of anaesthetic.

    I suspect I will be OK to ride again on Monday, but has anyone had this done in the near past that can confirm ?

  2. Sounds like you are on a good wicket with that surgeon so the recovery time might be relatively quick for a lateral release. However, while I haven't had a lateral release, I have had three arthroscopies and partial medial menisectomies(no, it has nothing to do with having kids :LOL: ) and even on such relatively minor surgery, it took me about two weeks to be comfortable with full movement again. A lateral release would have to be a whole lot worse.
  3. I'd expect you'll be off the bike a while, I had a lateral meniscopy and that was a world of pain for some weeks.
  4. Good Luck with it all Schmooopy... :grin: :grin:
    Be careful with your knee after surgery.....you don't want to push it too soon, and undo all that work.... :)
  5. Good advice that. The first arthroscopy I had, they found a tear in the cartilage inside the knee(meniscus). They tried to repair it with stitches which were placed right where the load runs through the joint. As a result it was about three months before I was fully fit again. Or so I thought. As soon as I got back into things(normal walking, carrying, working), a week later it tore again. Being cartilage it takes a long time to heal and even three months wasn't long enough. After that they had to cut the torn bit out and as a result I can expect osteo-arthritis a lot earlier in life.
  6. If you're given exercises to do afterwards, follow the physio's orders and do what you're told! Makes all the difference to recovery time.
  7. I suspect you will possibly still be layed up on Monday. When I had that exact operation done a few years back, I wasn't able to bend the knee for two weeks and had to go back to hospital 3 times to have a BIG needle stuck in it to drain fluid, very painful. Hope it goes better for you, but I wouldn't be making any plans for next week yet.

    BTW, didn't Camplins knee give way again? :LOL: Or maybe that was the other one, Iridi'.......alphabet.......... :oops:
  8. Shhhhhh.... quit your scaremongering :wink:

    Best of luck, doonx. I have zero experience with knee surgery, but hope it all goes well.

    Knees up :wink:
  9. Nieseiko or ski related?
  10. Good luck with that.

    Mine was ACL, PCL, MCL and torn Meniscus. I had to spend six weeks on the couch keeping weight off it. Even Foxtel Platinum couldn't relieve the boredom!
  11. Woohoo, another one to harrass on Thursday night.

    Will it be red wine or beer?

    I'll see that you get your desired drink ;)

    Who's the surgeon? David Young?

    They asked me where I would preferred to be carved up and the surgeon convinced me to go to Glenferrie ;)
  12. good luck, heal quick and take care :grin:
  13. Good luck with the Op Pete, it'll be fine.

    I think it's just old age that makes them give way :p
  14. Mr Andrew McQueen, he from MOG, directly opposite.

    As for the drink, unfortunately I'm off the grog, completely, for the time being.
  15. You will not be riding the bike Monday, bloody knee injuries take heaps of time to recover as Loz said. Good Luck with the OP
  16. I know where he's from ;)

    He's excellent value.

    I'll bring you up some soy milk then :p
  17. i had an arthoscopy done before i got my bike licence.. lost just over 70% of the cartlidge in my right knee.. took me 2 months to walk unaided.. and another 3 to be completely back to doing most stuff.. so dont expect to be back in the saddle so soon man.

    xbox live saved my boredom.. halo 2 and doom 3.

    the guy that operated on my knee was rodney brink.. been doing knee surgery for the AFL for 15 years, and said he has never seen anything like the damage i had done though.
    and ive got also joined the high risk of arthritis group as well..
  18. nah - I skied at about 80% over in Japan in February. I had a scope about 10 years ago, and it's just worn away again. I wanted to get this done before Japan but just ran out of time, so I now want it done in plenty of time for me to be skiing this Winter here at home.

    I'll be spending some coin at the Physio meethinks, but it's worth it.
  19. Here I go !!!
  20. Hope all goes well :)