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So I forgot to turn the fuel tap on...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kowai, May 29, 2009.

  1. And I ran out of petrol and the engine died on me while going through a roundabout! :LOL:

    LUCKILY for me I'd chosen a quiet street to practice in, early in the morning, with no traffic! I learnt a nice newbie lesson :)

    "Always remember to turn your fuel on" :LOL: I felt so dumb.. Atleast I realised my mistake, turned it on, and away I went :) Can't believe the bike got me that far down the street before it died on me though!

  2. Itll happen more than once :LOL:

    If you get into the habit of turning the fuel on and off only when youre parked at home, that should get rid of that problem.

    I also know many people who have never bothered with the fuel tap in their life.....
  3. haven't done it yet, might help that my bike doesn't have a fuel tap
  4. If you ride daily, there shouldnt be a need to turn the fuel tap off.
  5. Apart from a mild desire to not fill your engine or garage up with petrol when your carb float valve fails to seal properly, thus causing a hydraulic lock (expensive) or a major fire (even more expensive).

    Most bikes these days have either vacuum taps or FI and so you don't need to remember anyway.

    There are only two rules that apply to forgetting to turn your fuel on:

    1) The bike will run for just long enough to get you to the nearest most embarassing/awkward/hazardous spot possible to lose power. In front of busy chip shops and in the centre of major junctions are always favourites :LOL: .

    2) You will remember the fuel tap only after exhausting yourself and/or the battery attempting to restart. This is particularly effective when dealing with a kickstart-only big twin, with 11:1 pistons and no decompressor, whilst suffering from the after effects of a good dose of flu. Extra points are to be gained if this is done in front of the abovementioned chip shop queue :oops: .

    Don't sweat it. We've all done it, often at much more advanced stages of our riding careers.
  6. I will take your chip shop and raise you a split to the front of a long line of peak hour CBD traffic then stalling when the light turns green.
  7. So true!! :LOL:

    I -did- have to push it awkwardly out of the roundabout.. But only infront of one pedestrian thank god! Luckily I remembered quickly what I forgot but I just know I'll do it again! :LOL:

    --Edit-- Just to say that I don't ride my bike every day yet :) Still a nervous learner.. So I switch the tap off :) Thats what I was told to do and it was in my manual as well so I figure its a good habit hehe
  8. I found the best way to stop being a nervous learner is to go out and ride everyday. I would go for a ride and when i got back reflect on the shit learner things i did and then go out and try and improve them. Things like switching the fuel tap off or on in your case will just become second nature. In my first week or so of riding i would always put my gloves first on and then realise i could't put my helmet on with them on, sounds stupid but now its just normal for the helmet to go on and then the gloves, i think it had something to do with the cold canberra weather though and wanting to warm my hands up.
  9. I hit reserve leaned over on a 6 - way, 2 lanes each direction roundabout, in peak hour. After the first rainfall in a while.

    If i hadnt grabbed the clutch and coasted through it could have ended....poorly. But it sure taught me to keep an eye on the km's :p
  10. fuel tap....gets me every time. especially with a bike thats prone to taking a few kicks when its been sitting for a few weeks....that and the kill switch
  11. Well nerves and the flu haha

    I need to get out more often.. I've just been bed ridden this week. Hoping to go out a bit this weekend though! :grin:
  12. I wish I could get out every day , but wiv kids an work I juz run out of time ... ARGH

    I set my trip metre to zero each time I fill up ... then I know exactly when I should next fill ...
    hopefully I won't get too carried away and forget to keep an eye on it !!
  13. i never knew u can turn the fuel off? =/ isnt it just off when the engine isn't is off. Whats the reason for this feature?
  14. I just turn it off every time I get home ay...... I cant really explain the technical side of things, but its pretty handy for replacing fuel hoses, taking tank off, rebuilding carb.

    I hit reserve while taking a corner under a train bridge 2 weeks ago........in the wet, knobbly tyres.....:D luckily had my hand on the clutch! Will be using trip meter from now on
  15. Isn't it to prevent possible fuel leakage/fumes?

    The fuel switch is usually down near the left hand side of your tank I think. (I'm a Learner so...)

    According to my bike's manual, and my instructors, you're supposed to turn the switch to Off when you leave your bike parked for a long amount of time. Then you also have On and Reserve :grin:

    My bike has it atleast.. I switch it off everytime I leave it parked cause I usually leave it a day or so. I'm busy with work alot of the time and I'm a learner so I don't have much time to ride it and I'm also not -yet- using my bike to commute but I will when I get the skills :)
  16. I find I don't get anywhere with the fuel tap off. Revs hit 3000 and the bike chugs, and pretty much stalls (or struggles to idle).
  17. I didn't know so many people turned their furl tap off at all :shock: I've got a bike that I don't use too much any more, always left it on and rode it once a fortnightly weekend...took a little while to warm up but no choke needed, I assumed it was just there as an option if you needed to work on the bike and definately cut the fuel for piece of mind. Like taking the breakers out before you work on wiring.
  18. I remember the 2nd week owning my bike. Fixed up the spark plugs, then took her for a spin, was the first time I'd ridden (long story... about a lack of license and police ensued).

    I forgot to turn on the fuel tap... pushed her all the way home... then realised... *FACE PALM* - I was stoked after that though :D
  19. My fuel tap has 2 positions... on and reserve... At least positions I use. Mainly on. Reserve not so much.