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So I dropped my bike

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ozego, Apr 4, 2007.

  1. And yes, I am an idiot. I bent the clutch lever pretty badly, should I try bending it back or is that likely to make it break?

    Someone pointed me to some aftermarket levers here once, damned if I can find anything now. Can anyone link me up?

  2. I don't think rainbow is in Sydney, or I'd suggest you go to mcas.com.au I WOULD not suggest your try bending the lever, you may end up breaking it.
  3. Rainbow is about 350kms north west of Melbourne. I figured it might break, so I've left it alone.

    It's a gpx 250 btw.
  4. New clutch lever definitely... shouldn't set you back more than ~$20.
    Break out the wet & dry for those nasty deep scuffs on the fairings, then go get some vinyl or a sticker kit and make it look spiffy again. :grin:
    Sucks to drop a bike, but at least if it happens again you won't mind as much.
  5. Saw some cool carbon fibre (look) ones on ebay yesterday. Price was good too.
  6. Next time, get your new brake/clutch lever, get a hacksaw and make a very small vertical slice about a centimetre in from the "ball". This will let the end snap off in a crash, leaving you with enough lever to get home/finnish a race ect. If you look on aftermarket ones, it comes as standard. However, do replace the lever ounce it has snapped - the safety ball is there for a reason, to stop it peircing into your hand/other bodily part in an off.
  7. Thanks for the tips. Fortunately, the fairing escaped scratch free.
  8. You duffer Ozego. But then, it doesn't sound bad, and I have seen you trying pretty hard on that little GPX. Stay safe. :cool:
  9. Next time dont drop it :)

    EDIT: URL http://cars.search.ebay.com.au/Levers_Motorcycle-Parts_W0QQcatrefZC12QQfromZR8QQsacatZ35228
  10. Awesome luck dude!

    The levers break pretty easy so even if it hasn't broken now, it could be weak enough to break in the future. You dont want it breaking later on while your riding it! And as others have said, they cost less than $20. Being a GPX, most bike shops will probably have one in stock, saves you waiting for the post if you buy one online!
  11. So come on oz - tell us how you did it? :grin:

  12. Bah! It was just a driveway job, was too careless with the stand I think. I was off the bike facing the other way when it happened, but it pushed me over and caught my leg. Thankfully, nobody was around to see me clutching at air on the way down.
  13. Bad luck dude.

    I used to have a gpx and bent a lever or two. I'd remove the lever and then my old man and I would heat it carefully and slowly, and then bend it back very gently. Gotta be careful though!!

    Of course this weakens and discolours the lever, but it leaves you with a more useable lever until you got the time and/or money to get a new one.

    If you bend it back cold, the lever will snap since the metal is cold working and becomes brittle.

    By the way, the genuine levers fit a damn sight better than any of the aftermarket ones...


  14. hey i got a 2 weeks old aftermarket clutch. are you still looking for one?