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So....... I dropped my bike :(

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mexiwi, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. Had it bit over 2 weeks now - Have done 1400km on it so far.

    Today took advantage of the cool weather and being unemployed to go for an explore.

    Had a great time, found some really fun roads, was really getting my cornering working,

    Then got to here - http://goo.gl/maps/2kyDw

    Stpped at the stop sign - saw a 4WD approaching from the right - decided I could beat it no probs, took off, leaned over, gave it the gas and dumped it int he big patch of gravel directly in front of me that I didn't even see - not paying attention.

    The oncoming 4WD didn't run me over - it was miles away so I didnt even need to gas it.

    Picked it straight up - the GSX650F is a heavy bike - but got it up ok.

    No hurty bits on me - both the oncoming 4WD driver and the one who was behind me stopped to see if I was ok.

    Hurty bits on the bike :(

    Scratched fairing, bent rear brake pedal, broke the a spring on the slipon.

    Brake pedal still worked so I was able to get it home ok - but I hurt my bike, and it was so shiny.

    Lesson - pay attention to the road surface farkin!!!



  2. Bugger - sorry to hear this fella....

    Make another assessment of yourself now - after the adrenaline has worn off. If anything hurts......go and see the quack....

    The bike doesn't look too bad.....well done on getting it home.
  3. Hey sorry to hear this, glad you are ok..

    If it helps I dropped my first bike (twice) in my driveway day one. Dropped it, picked it up, and the dropped it on the other side. My wife said the ensuring tantrum was better than any she had seen on my then 2 year old boy and he can throw one!!

    Cheers Jeremy
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  4. Still feeling ok. I had gear on - which is good, boots, draggin cargos with the Knox knee armour underneath. There is a scuff on the toe of the right boot. I don't even think I went under the bike, I had my right leg down when I was taking off and don't even think I had my foot on the peg when it went down.
  5. Sorry to hear Mexi, good news you're ok and it looks like only minor damage to the bike.
  6. Glad to hear you're OK. Don't worry about the bike. You can fix all that and she'll be good as new.

    From your recollection of events - took off, leaned over and gave it gas - is it possible you rolled on too much throttle whilst leaned over? May have upset the weight distribution just enough for a low slide considering road conditions?

    Next time take off, lean over, steady on the throttle whilst leaned over mid-turn and then give it gas coming out of your turn.
  7. If you're willing to keep the battlescars, that looks like it shouldn't be too hard/expensive to fix up (replace that spring, bend the lever back into shape...). But clean off the dirt, check for cracks, give everything in the region a good look over, and keep an eye out for any leaks.

    If you want it like new, it will cost hundreds of dollars.
  8. Looking online the brake lever is about $90 - spring should be easy to find and I will give it a good clean up tomorrow and see if there is anything hidden. If the black cleans out of the scratches it won't be too noticeable.
  9. meguiars scratch x might help if the scratches aren't too bad.
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  10. Chinese Levers are $30-00 a Pair, I have them on the kwaka and the Bird, Yes, They are good levers, The shorty ones are even better,
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  11. Whatever you do, I suggest you pull the lever off, carefully bend it back into shape, and at least keep it as a spare.
  12. I hate gravel to the point where I ride like a paranoid sisy when they are near. Did I say I hate gravel?!?

    Leaning over and loose gravel on a hard surface is like riding on marbles. Add gas and you've got a game of ummm... marbles:unsure:

    Glad you're okay!!!:happy:
  13. So got it pretty much back together - new rear brake lever which was $100 - spring should arrive tomorrow.

    Cleaned all the tar and crap off and unfortunately most of the black marks on the fairing was missing paint - so gave it a bit of a rub and gave it a touch up.



    Still have scratches in the magneto cover and below the sight glass but it will do for now - much better than is was :)
  14. Looks pretty good to me
  15. you dunded gooda job
  16. I just used white but looking at it I need to give it another little rub and do a clear as well - have to try and blend that somehow.
  17. Looks good mate, shit if I knew it would be that easy to repair I'd go dropping my bike everywhere
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  18. Sorry to hear the drop the drop but at least you didn't get hurt and the repairs you've done look great(y)
  19. Pity on the damage but good recovery is good.
    Being that u have time on your hands I recommend going through Wildwood... it's a really nice 20 min ride that I usually do after work when I finish early :)
  20. I pulled into my daughters school the other day. Went to park on an incline and over she went. Extremely embarrassing (thankfully my daughter didn't see it!)