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So i dropped my bike today :(

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Patrick, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Yeh.. im a really big noob at riding, and i think i opened the throttle while trying to pull on the front brake, basically back wheel skidded out.

    I managed to catch it before it landed all the way down, but my indicators snapped off (both) i have since glued them back on. Also lost the balance/weight from the end of my right grip and the front brake lever snapped off too :/ The bike is pretty old it seems generally very brittle :(

    The bike was pretty low on battery, but now it isn't starting.. any way a small fall like this could do serious damage?

    Also, any suggestion on cheapest way to get a new weight and brake lever for my right side?

    Thanks guys.
  2. Welcome to the Forum. Sorry to hear about the stack, and after being a netrider for only two days :wink:

    Levers pretty much always snap, new or old.

    And you are lookign for a "bar end" (balance/weight), don't know if you can buy one, try a bike shop or even wreckers for any parts you need.

    Bike should start up after letting sit a while - or is the battery flat?
  3. Sorry to hear that. I know how you feel - i had my first drop 4 weeks ago.
    With the brake and throttle thing, try and think of them as one control IE Close throttle off and roll palm up to make sure its closed before squeezing front brake. Also if you wear gloves (which you should) make sure they dont bunch up around your palms as that can cause the throttle to stick.

    Try ebay for levers, indicators and bar-ends. But i dont know how easy it is to get parts for 250rrs
  4. i did find the parts on ebay, but looking at $50+ for a lever and bar end, everything else fixed with glue :)

    might try a wrecker first see if i can get it any cheaper.

    thanks for the advice.

    and if the battery is flat, whats the best way to start it, can i use a car battery?
  5. $50 for a lever and a bar end doesnt sound too bad to me

    I dont think you should try jumping from a car. Buy a set of lightweight leads from supercrap auto and jump it from another bike. Are you sure its the battery tho? Have you had starting issues before the drop? Maybe the carbys need cleaning out. My old flatmates had the same bike each and they always had starting problems when they didnt ride everyday.

    One of the things i found that helped this: hold the starter button then ever-so-gently start rolling on the gas. Dont know why but i could start it when they couldnt.
  6. the battery was pretty flat before i dropped it.
    my friend roll started it but i stalled it alot again after that.

    could i have flooded it trying to get it started? if i have how would i go about fixing it...
  7. If it was mine id pull the battery and get it tested at marshalls or whatever to be sure. As soon as i noticed my sv650s start a bit rough i got the battery tested and replaced straight away. $100 is not worth getting stranded for IMO

    As per starting issues with a carby bike? ive had no real experience apart from my flatmates cbr250rrs (yep 2 of them). Had no end of trouble tho they never once serviced the carbs. IMO with a good clean out they wouldve been a lot more reliable.
  8. if the electrical system is good, there is no problem jumping from a car battery, as long as the systems are the same voltage, if the electrical system is dogey, it is the easiest way to let the smoke out of the system (aah, Lucas electrics)

    Just disconnect the computer fuse if you want to be on the safe side while connecting, and use a set of leads with a surge guard (or solder a large-capacity ceramic capacitor into the lines of a good lead), this minimises sparking when you hook the leads up, hence the surge that kills all the teensy weensy little expensive things.

    Old bike or a non-injected bike, not such a big issue, as there is generally no voltage loads (Volatile computer memory/standby functions) while in the "off" position (unless you have an alarm fitted)

    Batteries for bikes are relatively inexpensive, anyway. Piece of mind, especially with electric start
  9. Aaah thats good to know. Cheers
  10. only had the bike for a few days, so might be able to take it to the Honda place where i got it as its close to work and maybe they can try to charge it for me.

    Are there wall chargers or anything available for batteries?


    Considering these, should fix all the damage, located in Perth too.
    Hope the link works, what do you think?

    Thanks guys. The advice is much appreciated from a rookie like me.
  11. i got the bike started today first try, pushing my mate and roll starting it :)
    let it charge a bit so hopefully all is well there.

    Also ordered the levers linked above, will have them tomorrow, my bike will be back in 1 piece :)