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So I did a bit of a bike upgrade...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Tenoq, Nov 14, 2005.

  1. Been a while since you guys have seen me on a ride, and the reason is I've been in the process of selling off my old faithful GPX250, and replacing it with something bigger.

    I finally settled on this baby, a 2002 model with only 6600kms when I picked her up, she is practically new:


    Isn't she gorgeous? :D
    Took her on my first real ride today (after being robbed blind by Mr Insurance) and it's such a beautiful bike. Obviously doesn't move like the little GPX, but the power is such a laugh everytime I wind it on. I'm in love! :D

    Catch ya all on a ride soon! :wink:
  2. VERY nice dude 8)

    Bet that extra power is awesome :D
  3. I said it before... and i'll say it again...
    That's one damn sweeeet bike.

    Just you wait.. i'll get my new Fizzer beast on the road then you'll be ogling my tail lights thinking... 'oooh, they're purty'. :p Actually... no, knowing the way things usually go... you'll be laying down blackies mid-corner and i'll just be tagging along 15m behind. :oops: :LOL:
  4. Worlds apart from the old GPX. Will take a while to get used to, but loving it already. As Koma suggested, might need to work a little on the suspension setup. :)
  5. Well, you can throw away the calendar you've been using to measure acceleration! :LOL:

    Looks very nice indeed. I reckon the edges of your grin probably meet somewhere round the back of your head. Enjoy!
  6. hey congrats!!!
  7. Congrats Tenoq,

    Awesome looking bike mate...love the front end it looks mean :shock:

    I bet your giggling like a school girl when you roll it on now :D
  8. way to go mate.. looks great..
  9. I Love It! Can't wait to see it at work ;)
    Hope your g/f is understanding about the new love in your life
  10. sweet bike and so glad you stuck with a quality Kawasaki product. :p
  11. For sure - my face still hurts from my very brief ride this arvo! :p :LOL:

    The thought of switching never crossed my mind... :oops: :p

    As it happened, the Ninja was the only sportsbike that didn't kill me with it's riding position: it's being used daily so needs to go easy on my genetically-inferior spine. :p :LOL:
  12. congrats on the purchase.

    Looks awesome!!!
  13. Nice looking bike Tenoq. Congrats!!!

    :D :D
  14. Congrats Tenoq. Pity that you had to go get one of them hunched-over things, but still... looks the goods mate! :) Enjoy yourself out there, and I hope to see you on a ride soon.
  15. Very nice, now we will never get away from you :)
    The GPX had served you well, and the proud new owner will get a bike will no cobwebs.
  16. Like your style, Tenoq.

    Many happy kays.
  17. Indeed. :)

    A little sad to see that GPX go... proof that you don't need a CBR to have fun on the twisty-bits! Reliable thing too...

    Funny thing: still not used to opening my garage and seeing that huge 190 rear wheel at the door - she's a big bike that's gunna be fun trying to tame. ;)
  18. Mmmmm DROOOLS.......
  19. niiiiiice bike! damn i cant wait to upgrade. i think i might go the 636 rather than the 9 though. it doesnt make much difference i guess but i really cant trust myself :cry:
  20. Very Nice Tenq!

    Many happy hours riding :)

    Oh, and btw, where did you get that pixelated number plate cover :p