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So i decided to take the bike to training this morning....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Karaman, Oct 28, 2007.

  1. Guess what?!

    Yep thats right! Didn't have to pick anyone up for training as i usually do so i thought id take the bike since i havent ridden much of it all week. Rained early in the morning so the roads were a bit wet (drying up).

    I know most of you are from the Eastern States but for the WA folks, i was going down Reid Hwy, was speeding a tad, its 90 but i was going about 100 as most people do there. Theres a small hill climb before the traffic lights at the Erindale Road intersection so thats where i backed off a tad, lights were red and also saw the green light for turning right. I actually wasnt paying attention to the red light and saw the green light but then i realised, "Oh shit, better slow down!" So i did what i think i did, a quick stop but with the very slippery road and a bit of traction loss from the rear tire...bike came out from underneath, this time right hand side instead of left :p

    Broken Indicator, bent foot peg, twisted front forks (i think), loose front brake lever, scratched exhaust, overall not that bad, defiently not gonna claim this as my premium will be about $1 000 000 next year.

    I'd like to thank the people who stopped and helped me pick the bike up and move it over to the side of the road. I was very upset and very angry, kicking the broken mirror and almost kicking the bike. I think i know why the people at the traffic lights didnt help me out, or maybe they were just pricks? :p

    Now im in a dilemma of selling the bike after its fixed or not....parents havent really mentioned selling it, they're just glad im ok.

  2. Happened to me this week :)

    Hope you get everything fixed cheaply.
  3. Re: So i decided to take the bike to training this morning..


    This is the routine sequence -
    clothes on
    BRAIN on
    bike on

    Can't afford brain fades on the bike, as you have found out.

    Glad you're OK.
  4. Yeah i was too nervous about the wet weather...oh well, learn from your mistakes, lets just hope i dont make any more mistakes!
  5. karaman, if that happens again, just turn right

    when you switch your brain on b4 the bike tell yourself that missing the street you meant to be on is no big deal at all, no matter how late you are, its always best to have your priorities in order because you dont want to have to make those choices at the last minute. decide all that before you get on the bike.

    dont loose your cool, its not cool. no one's going to help you if you're carrying on like that.

    good luck with getting your bike fixed. sorry to hear of your bad luck. i was hoping to hear of a great morning ride [i use to love them] and at 5 am when i looked out the window this morning, that's what i was thinking of

    cheers :cool:
  6. Thanks stump, but i actually wasnt turning right i just saw a green light thinking i can go straight through, but i then noticed the red light a second later and panicked. Annoys the hell out of me cos ive been getting confused a lot with that lately, even in my car.
  7. Glad you are ok.

    The bike can be fixed.

    As mentioned you gotta make sure you are fully awake/aware and at full attention when on 2 wheels. A mishap on 2 is far less forgiving than on 4.

    When you get on the bike at home and dont quite feel right, think twice before riding, it might just be for a reason your feeling uneasy.
  8. Least your ok, and dont worry i've dont that before too just its been in the car, and being a hilux they have the lightest rear end. I've nearly spun out way too many times in that vehicle, stupid heavy duty tyres.
  9. Wet weather, but you were speeding. Not a good combo.

    Glad you came out of it okay.

  10. Apart from the "speeding and drifting off into la-la land" bit :driver: , that is a mongrel of an intersection! There is a deliberate policy of routing heavy-duty traffic (container trucks, freightliners etc.) down there to West Coast Highway and on to Freo. The lights take an absolute age to change from one direction to the next. Hence, the road leading to and from the intersection has a thick, greasy coat of oil and diesel from idling and/or braking and accelerating trucks.

    Add a bit of rain and you've got a skating rink.

    I try to avoid Reid Highway on the bike for a number of reasons, including d*#%heads who run the lights at high speed with monotonous regularity.
  11. gotta stay off that rear brake its evil
  12. Yeah but theres an awesome bend from reid onto the freeway that ive been wanting to try out! I guess its lucky i didnt cos i guess it would of been even uglier :p Nah i wouldnt of pushed myself around that corner, not with those wet roads.
  13. bummer karaman...
    I did exactly the same thing on my first off. Not concentrating properly, saw a green light in the distance, noticed the red light too late and grabbed a handfull of front brake- down I go.

    Best lesson I've learnt- never ride without FULL concentration ALL the time. All it takes is 2 seconds of daydreaming :oops:

    Time for some aftermarket parts :grin: