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So i crashed

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by wang chung, May 28, 2005.

  1. :oops:

    "i wonder what happens when i lock the back brake up" (in the wet)

    Well.. its not like on a pushy, it kinda wobbles around abit and abit more then it flips you off :p

    Actually i think its more cause as of late i've stopped using the back brake all together so i thought i should use it more.
    I was kinda suprised that my bike didnt get that messed up, and it was good cause it was on the fairing that the previous owned dropped it on

    Bikes still rideable i just need to smash the gear lever back to where it should be and bend other stuff... A car painter i know also gave me some blue touch up paint :wink:
    and its leaking some liquid dunno what that is?


    Was only wearing normal jeans so i got 2 bits of skin removed at my knee and my jacket saved my elbow from the same fate. It was fun sliding :?

    Edit more pic.
    I bought a new digital camera today!

  2. What hurts more - the damage to you or the damage to the bike?

    Glad to hear you're (relatively) OK though.
  3. Glad you're still alive, heal well!!

  4. Sheesh

    Remind me not to do that. Good luck with it sir.
  5. Ouch!!

    Hope you are back on your bike real soon mate. Speedy recovery to you both!!

    :D :D
  6. Wishing you and your ride a speedy recovery, brother.
  7. glad your ok mate
    dont worry about the battle scars on the bike
    wear em with pride
    just tell everyone you did them up at reefton peg scratching :LOL:
  8. Bummer dude. Seems to be the season for it :) glad ur ok, the bike dont look too bad.
  9. I dont really understand how you got the wobbles from a rear wheel skid, perhaps you were using the bars to try and control the bike?

  10. It's very easy to get the wobbles on a rear skid.
    It's up to you to control the wobbles by letting the brakes go then on again.
    The rear will wobble if the rear and fronts are used simultaneously and you go too hard on the rear.
    The rear loses traction hence "speeds up and tries to beat the front which hasn't locked hence is still slowing.
    Momentum will cause the bike the wobble and shimmer.
    you release the brakes for a split second let it fix itself then hit the front before the rear again.
    You do it without thinking and it happens in a split second.
  11. Only jeans [-X how many times have you newbies been told to wear proper protection and to take it easy this time of year (wet , icy roads ) sorry , no sympathy.
  12. Hey mat.. it looks like you were doing some experimenting... at leastyou did't get too hurt and the bike come out not bad eather..

    If you want some help plastic welding up that top fairing I'm getting a proper plastic welding kit from my friend... I'll be more than happy to try it on your bike (I have done this b4 but always used my mates equipment)
  13. Mat,

    I came off 3 weeks ago now and cannot stress enough to people that the wearing of propper gear is sooooo important.

    I was in my Dri Rider pants and Jacket, and even at only a low speed off, they shredded, did their job, and I walked away with not a scratch on me.

    Never again will I ever think about riding without the right gear.... "oh, it will save me 5 mins getting changed" or "it looks silly, I cant wear that".... if is saves you from being in a hospital, or even just stops scratched, then its done its job.

    At a 40 - 50k off, I have no broken bones, no scratches and some ripped up gear to show for it. Walked away with some bruising and a scarred bike.

  14. You haven't had your rear brakes serviced by PS recently have you? :p
    Sorry to hear about the off...hope you and the bike recover quickly!

    Two very important points...Always wear the right gear...never ever take it for granted...I've had two offs and walked away from both without injury or loss of skin :eek:

    And secondly, make sure you are adequately insured! I always insure for agreed value at about $1000-$2000 more than the market value of the bike. This makes it harder for the insurance companies to 'write off' the bike for only minor damage and also covers you for the 'gap' if the bike is totalled :shock: (excess, loss of premium etc)
    I'm still waiting for the RGV to be nursed back to health...hopefully I'll be back this week :D Keep it rubber side down guys! :D
  15. Sorry to hear of your off.
    Newbies and the back brake. :roll: Ah well it's all a learning experience.
    I'm trying to teach my step son the same lesson.
    Don't be afraid to use the front in the wet. Just keep everything smooth and you will be fine. As for your fairing. I was in at Vic Wreckers the other day. (Had my own off a month ago) and was shown a demo of a fairing repair kit. AMAZING. Can't remember what it was called but it worked a treat. He just cut the crack so it was beveled, poured on the glue and held it for a about a minute and it was done. So strong it would never break there again. Give them a call and get yourself some.
  16. Hey Guys.
    Yeah i should of been wearing proper pants, but in this instance the damage was minor and will heal up in no time. Im more concered about the bike cause im not worth 5k :?
    I had Everything except pants. Just bought boots on friday

    Bike's fine really, just a few more scratches and the fairing that broke around the mirror is where it got broken by the previous owner anyway. Alls i need now is a hammer to bash the gear leaver back. I rode to my friends house that night anyway half hour away. Just i was moaning all night about my leg but i had alot of pain killers (alcohol) and i dont feel much now.

    Oh yeah i was just experimenting with the back brake, did it around no traffic. +2 points for safety

    I got the wobbles proberly applied front brake, went over a speed hump. flipped over the side / front.
  17. Bad luck, i've crashed my little Z a coupel times, once going 60km/h with all ym gear on got up and rode home. Second time had all gear on dropped it going 15kmh but once again no damage to me :).

    Funny how bikes seem to ahve the same weak points/land same way. My bike has same battle wounds as your exactly same place.

    Did you lsoe any mirrors?

    Good luck and stay UPRIGHT!
  18. I reckon it's a god thing to lock up the back now and then, just as you describe, to teach yourself how to manage it.

    Seems you held it a bit too long doing one of those BMX cross-ups, and your highside was the result. Ride magazine just did a calculation on how high it was possible to throw a rider on a highside. I think they came up with a disappointing 2 metres or something.

    Try it again, but as soon as you feel the rear slipping, let it go. Training your arse to feel the exact moment when you lose traction is a good idea, 'cause you're bound to lock it up in an emergency one day and you need to know what to do.

    Or, get down to HART where you can bugger around with somebody else's bike :)
  19. When doing my Ls I'm sure they said "If you lock the back and are going sideways, Keep it locked untill you have controlled the skid and are traveling straight"

    Apparently if you are skidding sideways (even if you have it controlled) releasing the back brake will suddenly change the balance of the bike and throw you off.

    I'm not talking from experience so please correct me if I'm wrong.
  20. yes and no... all depends on speed, angle of bike relevant to direction, angle of bike to the road, surface, tires etc...

    on the CT i get to lock up the rear VERY often... i have both high sided and low sided my self at many different speeds... i still cant work out what makes the difference...