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So I crashed AGAIN aint that a MOFO

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Takamii, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. Note to self

    A bike will loose traction and low side at 25kmph

    Cold Race Tyres + Cold Road ( 6 degrees air temp ) plus slow speed right hand corner exiting car park corner (25kph) = lowside

    Im fine

    My friend Paul from Skill Master motorcycle training who is an instructor for police and motorcycle paramedics was behind me on his Yamaha FJR , he is also a former motorcycle paramedic, he is also here with his bike trailer this weekend - so lucky for me he was there to

    A make sure I wasn't injured
    B Tell me what I did wrong
    C Trailer my bike home

    I have to stop testing my own gear this huh ?


    its all cosmetic on the bike - throttle side like last time

    but this time at 25 kmph I broke a clip on where as last time at a much higher speed that that I did not
  2. ahhh shit you tried to corner like a tron bike eh

    bad luck mate
  3. I think you need more practice at not crashing. You've had enough of the other practice for a while..
  4. Bad luck mate, those cold Canberrra roads are unforgiving, aren't they?

    I'm glad you're ok, but your insurance company is going to be sending you a bulk-lot of claim forms if you keep this up (or, actually, down).....
  5. Hi my names is Takamii
    and i make atgatt cause i need it.... :)
  6. Live and die by the sword
  7. the slow ones are always the worst...you just get frustrated at yourself for making what seems like such a simple **** up
  8. Is the claims girl hot?? Can't think of another reason why you keep binning your bike mate ;)
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  9. Budalaaaaa :)
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  10. Ok, so most importantly, is your gear worth buying.....:p

    Nahhhh, just kidding, glad you're ok and what a bugger...:(
  11. Forgot to do a burnout before you left the carpark huh? That's a biatch!
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  13. Unlucky dude.

    Must say though, read somewhere on netrider to be extra careful on cold tires when cornering for the first few K's, always have it in the back of my mind in the mornings. Good to hear your okay and just make sure you learned from it.
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  15. Not to criticise because i have done the same thing, but blaming the cold tyres is not learning.

    You crashed because you used too much throttle for the grip of the tyres at the time, learn from that or repeat your mistake.
  16. Cold tyres, Whoo Whoo, their fun, Hahahaha.

    always give them a few Kays to warm up first,

    How did your Atgatt stand up to the treatment, seeing as you want to prove them your self,
  17. Most certainly you are correct and I agree - however I was consciously aware of the cold tyres and wasn't leaning over or anything the speed was no more than 25kmph but it seems even that was too fast for the conditions

    I had travelled all of 30 meters so there was no chance of warming them up yet

    but yes too much oompff for the situation at the time

    mind you I was being cautious as I knew about the tyres - plus its an intersection in the city

    My gear is all fine, gloves ok , jeans ok , the jacket ( BERIK) has some gravel rash around the elbows and forearms

    I did land with a whack on to my back - and I did notice and feel that the inbuilt ce foam back protector did cushion the fall nicely
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  18. ooooohh.. it was 25 .. and not 255 ... Read it wrong the last time :oops:
    That's gotta suck.. but like I said in ATGATT last night, glad you weren't hurt man.
  19. Not good news. Glad you're OK tho mate.
  20. This.