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So, I brought myself a new bike this weekend...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Darrin Hodges, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. #1 Darrin Hodges, Oct 4, 2015
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2015
    Now the wait.... My current ride is an XVS650, great bike but from time to time it runs out of puff, so I figured I'd just get a bigger cruiser. Went out and tested an XV1900 and for me, it was like riding a tractor (apologies to those here who have one), didn't like it at all. I also sat on a ZX-10, but the position I thought 'yeah, nah'.

    So yesterday I saw a Triumph Sprint 1050 and took it for a spin and fell in love :) I did get caught out with the clutch thing though, at the end of the test ride I stalled it and couldnt get it to restart, thought I broke it somehow, so ended up pushing it back to the shop for about 2 blocks (my exercise done for the year!) and after they stopped laughing they explained you have to pull the clutch when you hit the starter, haha.

    Anyway, just passing time till I pickup my new ride :)
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  2. Congrats...
  3. So I hear those triple motors are beautiful,sound nice to
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  4. Yummy bike and a gorgeous engine note, congrats....
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  5. That's a great ride, congratulations. The triple really is the business (IMO anyway). Enjoy!
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  6. Real nice man, enjoy!
    A highly underated bike from what ive heard.
  7. Very nice mate, Hope we get a comprehensive report after a week or two of riding :D
  8. Yeah I know, but I found the big cruisers just didn't suit. I like the xvs, it was small and light enough to be fun, totally different animal as I discovered when i tested the XV1900. I also brought the XVS650 to return from a 25 years absence from bikes, so I choose conservatively. Back in the day I had a goldwing and an RG250 (which I remember better than my first girlfriend haha). I tried the sprint just for the heck off it but found i loved it, goes like stink and runs on rails :)
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  9. Nice one..Same here. I bought the XVS for the same reason..post some pics when you get it.
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  10. I wish you very much joy of your new Triumph.

    Now I think about it....some two-stroke bikes I've had were more memorable that some girlfriends. ;-)
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  11. Yeh...I remember someone saying that 'you may forget old girlfriends but you never forget a bike'
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  12. Crikey, small world - i think we've all dated the same bird
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  13. Bit of a change in style there, I think bikes are all about how they feel on a personal level, they either grab you or they don't.
    Enjoy your new ride, fun times ahead.
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  14. Good one DH! Love the Triumph ... as you can see. *But also the Roadliner ... hehehe.*

    Here's to many happy touring days ahead for you!
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  15. Gorgeous bike. Did they fix the rectifier issues with the 1050?
  16. Congrats on the new bike, you are aware you're gonna learn to ride again ;) and you may want to watch that speedo ;)
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  17. I just decided to get my license a few weeks back. Bought a Kawasaki Ninja 300 on the weekend. Just joined NR. Looking forward to hitting the road once I pass my learners test!!
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  18. Welcome nozzle.

    Hope you're enjoying riding!
  19. Congrats on the choice. I had a Sprint GT for about 18 months and loved it. Good that you got the panniers too, makes it such a good all-rounder, A nice sports bike with the panniers off, put them back on and instant tourer. I was able to go considerable distance on mine without stoping - enjoyed it a lot and had several adventures.

    The earlier 955s were noted for Reg/Rectifier issues. On the 1050 it CAN happen, but nowhere near as common. One hint is to upgrade the wires from the battery to the solenoid and then on to the starter motor. That makes it wind over faster and not as much voltage drop to the ECU on start.

    Also don't forger the rookie error of having hard panniers. You are much wider with them on, no lane splitting unless there is heaps of room and in close manoeuvres don't turn too soon going through a gateway etc. I stayed at a pub one night, rode out the back through a gateway and turned too soon putting a reasonably sized scratch on one pannier :-(

    Nice choice of bike, it will love you!
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  20. Absolutely, i was squinting at all those numbers on the dial!