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So I bought the Spada

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bass_player, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. Cant wait to get back out onto the road. :D Pick it up on Saturday morning. The fella was keen to sell as he is buying a house and needs money. Got it for $2600. Hope to see some of you at coffee nights and ride days soon.

  2. $2600? That sound like a steal for a good clean Spada. I reckon the Spada is a dead-set future classic. At that price, I'd seriously consider hanging on to it when you upgrade, It'll be like cash in the bank, but more fun and higher interest.
  3. Yeah dude, you've done bloody well with that price. Congrats, you're gonna love it....
  4. so form one bass player to another... yell out when u upgrade ;)

    mate at work just offered me his VTR 250 when he gets his ninja back on the raod.

    hrmmm.... scooter will do for now.... so tempting....
  5. $2600? Frigging sweet deal, esp considering it's riding season.
  6. Great deal. congrats on the new wheels