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So how was your Xmas 08

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by VTRBob, Dec 27, 2008.

  1. Our's was f'ing fantastic

    Week before Xmas I get made redundant.

    22nd Dec on her way home from work Nadeen gets T boned by a tourist 'P' plater.... the "good car" is now undrivable and needs 6k worth of repairs. Now we have to use my shitbox till hers is repaired sometime in Jan.

    24th Dec Nadeens Boss is in tears while telling her he has to let her go as well !

    Xmas day, as it was just Nadeen & I, this year we had booked and paid for Xmas lunch in Coffs............ wrong ! The particular establishment didn't call to say that due to Kitchen malfunctions, the whole event had been canceled and a refund was forthcoming :evil:

    So we decided to grab some nice fish and chips and sit down the beach for xmas lunch :LOL:
    All was fine till it started raining :roll:
    Get back to my car and some low life has stolen the stereo out of it !! :mad:

    We leave tomorrow for Herey Bay to see the kids for two days, followed by a week at the Gold Coast [ for a break :LOL: ]

    All I can say is bring on the new year !!

    :LOL: :? :LOL:
  2. Oh Bob, What a sh1t time you are having, thank God you have each other!

    Good news, when you're this far down there is only one way to go, UP!

    Bring on '09 & may it it be spectacular for you both! :blackeye:
  3. that is complete and utter balls... at least your still smiling, only better times are ahead.
  4. Oh dear, I hope it all improves from here on (but that shouldn't be too tough by the sounds of it)
    Best wishes for the new year!

    Ride safe
  5. I'm upgrading the number of Chinamen you've run over to a small clan, at least :roll:

    Seriously, God's definitely telling you to move back to Melbourne :LOL:

    Here's to a less eventful 2009, folks.

  6. :LOL: Thats exactly what our neighbors said last night while sitting out in the back yard having a drink or three !
  7. FFS, sounds like you just can't take a trick at the moment. Sometimes shit like that happens before things fall into line better than they ever have been. Here's hoping that's what will happen fo you.
  8. Sorry Bob, but with your luck we're gonna hafta kick you out of the lotto syndicate. Cant take the chance of it rubbing off. :(
  9. Bob, please stay away until you have some good news. You are upsetting us all.
  10. VTR Bob, what a fizzer.

    well.. ours was a bit better haha. Lots of food and alcohol, it was a bit cloudy in sydney but by about 3 o clock it started to get nice and sunny. I've had a couple of really ordinary Christmases lately so it was a really nice one. Good food, family, laughs, presents, fun etc.

    I am lucky - I still have my job and my car hasn't been totaled. And I only have a cassette deck in my car so no one would steal it :p
  11. well, glad to hear you got it all out of the way last year, best wishes to you both for 09 :)