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so. How was *your* ride home?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by bikeboy, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. So. If you ever have a feeling that something is not quite right as you're riding along, STOP and check it out!

    I was motoring along on the way home - back roads, open speed limit (100 km), and I thought I felt a little drag. Kept going, thinking maybe I just backed off a bit over a bump? Next time I have to come to a stop, I felt a definite drag once the brakes were released, so I continue on a bit until I can pull over safely. I looked in the mirror as well, and could see blue smoke?

    Well, when I stopped, I saw the rear caliper's lower bolt was gone and the caliper had swung up so that the little guard thingy hanging off the back had been gouging the sidewall of the (new!!!) rear tyre:


    I managed to free the caliper and limp back home and fit a spare wheel/tyre and replace the missing bolt. One advantage of collecting lots of parts is that you usually have what you need to keep you going somewhere in the shed :wink:

    Problem now is I have to divert funds from my project to replace that near-new radial, because my 'spare' is a bias-ply. It will do for now.

    So lesson for the day: If you *think* something's wrong, it probably is. Stop and investigate.

  2. Must be really nice bending rd and in hot weather?
  3. Bummer, dude. Don't you just hate it when a near-new tyre goes south? Nothing like that ever seems to happen to old tyres!

    Years ago, travelling home from a race meeting at OP, I was out on the Hume somewhere between there and home in Canberra when I felt the bike start to slow down (same as you). I found a spot to stop at the bottom of a hill and got off the bike to investigate. It was late at night and pitch black.

    As I went to get off the bike I fell over on the ground...what the hell was THAT? Then I realised that I was still attached to the bike....

    Turns out that my scarf had come undone from around my neck and had become entangled in the rear sprocket. Unbeknownst to me, I was slowly being dragged towards the back wheel. Thankfully the scarf had jammed up the sprocket enough to almost stop the bike before I became Australia's answer to Isadora Duncan.

    I used my pen knife to cut the scarf away and detach it from my neck and rode home carefully and thankfully.
  4. woa! beats me :wink:

    you were nearly chain-lube!

    That's a tattslotto ticket right there.
  5. I still get a bit spooked when I think about it...
  6. If the tyres were really new, and the caliper bolt needed to be removed for tyre fitment and you didn't fit them I'd be taking it up with whoever did...
  7. Yep that's a bloody good point.

    you get a free tyre, and they get a free arse kicking. That's a win-win.
  8. At least you don't get spoked :p.
  9. well, that would be me, but the caliper bolt doesn't need to be touched as part of the installation process. Hasn't been touched for years.

    Just reinforces the need to do a 'walk-around' with a set of spanners every so often I guess.

  10. nothing wrong with it, she'll be right :shock:
  11. Yeah, that's what the wife reckons too, just after I told how much I'd just paid for the tyre. "suck it up princess" I think were her words.

    She's so understanding.
  12. Just how thick is the tyre at the gouge? :shock:

    Arr, she'll be right. Just don't make any right turns.
  13. PI track day tyre!!
  14. Not sure. I kinda don't want to know in some ways. I'm just happy I made it home without finding out :wink:
  15. Time for a burnout!
  16. What Bike is it??... Just so i know to stay away from them! :bolt:
  17. bloody hondas :p

    still... operator / mechanical error most likely the cause
  18. Just do burnouts until there's not tread left. If you boss (wife) still says "no", you will at least have a race slick
  19. "Suck it up, princess." That's rich!!
  20. If that was somone I knew, I would've given them a friggin' hiding (EDIT: verbally!) - especially if they've got anything resembling a shoe or handbag collection. Christ I hate women sometimes. "So darl, today we're going to have you run back and forth across a 4 lane freeway. Hows that sound?" F*** riding on a tyre like that...enough to send shivers up my spine.

    Almost happened to my late Aprilia. Found the rear caliper hanging off the disc after a ride! Luckily a $3 stainless bolt fixed the problem. Any engine produces vibrations, and these vibrations (over time) will loosen bolts and nuts around the bike. This is especially true if the nuts and bolts aren't done up to spec ft/lb tightness, or aren't checked yearly.

    And how!

    Cheers guys - boingk

    PS: Hope you demolish that tyre...take a video and post it up or something, you'll have one hell of a grin afterwards hahaha!