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So how many points have you lost over the years

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pvda, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. Reading some of the threads here a lot of us have been on two or four wheels for a long time and many seem to attract the attention of the legal system.

    So since you got either or any of your licences (car, truck, bike) how many points have you lost and when did you start??

    I got my drivers licence back during the September school holidays way back in 1982 and my record is as follows;

    Points = 2

    1 point for speed camera less than 15 over (summer day, camera car in shade and hard to spot)
    1 point for less than 15 over by police officer near Heywood (new hiding spot which he admitted to, I was doing 22 over and talked down to 15 over)

    Both were within 5 months and both over 8 years ago.

    I've been lucky on several occasions when a sprited run has been interupted by a slower vehicle only to have a police car going the other way.

    So what about the rest of you??
  2. Speeding is bad, mkay.
  3. 20 Years.

    red light camera ,might be 2 points.. pissing down rain and hit a puddle slid threw the lights stoped in the middle of the intersection...2001.

    Speed camera 2 points 70km in a 60km ,on the way to the dentist in major pain. 2002.
  4. ZERO!

    as for brownie points lost


    how many points did the guy loose that hit me?

    i actually dont know

    what do you loose when you loose your license for 18 months under neg driving, grevious bodily harm charge?
  5. all of them???
  6. Nada. Zilch. Zip....in over 6 years of driving.

    Lucky considering how much of a hoon I can be...however, karma bit me in the ass two months ago when I crashed my car :( :p
  7. 20 years,Car-Bike&Truck/Bus-7 yrs
    A grand sum total of----drum roll please---- 8-[ 48 points= 3 losses of licence, and 2 get out of jail for free cards :dance: -better get a lawyer son,so thought I-better make it a REEEEAL good one :grin:

    Oh,and 1 point pending :(
  8. 0 all I got was a fine for parking in a no standing zone which had faded white parking lines. I didn't happen to notice the sign at the time because I was in a rush. :(
  9. I've been very lucky up until this year, pretty much...

    This year it hasn't been so good. 3 speeding fines and one for doing a wheelie. In fact Rosie just got a nasty letter today on my behalf for 4kmh over on her VTR while it's been in my care. Flash for cash.


    I like the NSW speed camera system; 3 huge signs in front of every speed camera to actually get you to slow down instead of punishing you for not looking at your speedo.
  10. if the cops ever sat at the bottom of the street heading from my house to the local shops, they woulda deflated my tyres or sumthin, but no points lost. who needs points when ur on the pushy :p

    then again i wouldnt be surprised if they tried to take teh mountainbike under "hoon" laws these days, isnt hard to speed in a 50 zone, even on them :grin:

    EDIT: oh n had the VTR for... 4 days now :grin: :grin: no points lost yet :woot:
  11. i just went to my.rta.nsw.gov.au currenty 10 :(
  12. 3 points for neg driving in 2001.

    Currently in undeserving possession of all RTA fun tokens.