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So how hot is it actually in Adelaide at the moment ???

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Mickyb V9, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. I've been hearing on the radio that Adelaide is experiencing a really long heat wave with 40+ degC days and sleepless 30+ DegC nights ??? :eek:

    How are the SA NR handling it ??

    Are the flame stickers on your tank and helmet literally are flames ??
    Is the heat edging you to commit a homocide in Adelaide ? :LOL:
  2. well Mick,
    it's our 12th consecutive day over 35 degrees.

    today it's 40 degrees.

    and yes I'm homicidal...cause it's too hot to RIDE!!!!!!


    I spent all last saturday & sunday sitting on my arse in front of the air con.

    unfortunately I have a gig sunday arvo this weekend...so no such luck.

    Today, the current temp is 34.6 and rising
  3. Says who?
  4. Goes well with the destination on the bus :LOL:
  5. up to 35.3
  6. . . . . . crime capital of australia !

    let the homocides begin !
    plead insanity to the judge ! . . the heat made me do it ! . . lol
  7. Bunch of sooks. That was a normal summer back in Wagga, we never made the news.
  8. it's in the news cause we're forcast to have a 16 day stretch of days over 37 degrees. it's the biggest heatwave in history here.

    current temp: 37.1 degrees

  9. look out !
    edgelett is about to purchase a 44 gallon drum !

    . . okay, no more homocide adelaide jokes !
  10. I'm more worried about my garden.

    I ride to work before it gets hot and arrive home in a puddle of sweat (albeit "cooling" sweat!).

    I don't have another transport at the moment (better half takes the car), so I generally don't have a problem unless I need to go somewhere for lunch.
  11. i gave up on our garden LAST summer

    currently 38.5 degrees
  12. 39.4 degrees
  13. Wow, sucks to be you guys. 16 days over 37 degrees? :shock:
  14. Give it another 2 months and folks will be sooking about the cold.
  15. 42 here...