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So how does one "drift"

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by wang chung, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. did you see rossi hanging it out on the last lap of the GP on the weekend.. learn from the doctor mate.. was awesome to watch.
  2. take your bike down to phillip island race track and give it heaps around turn 12 :twisted:

  3. So, would anyone on here ever try it - Or is it way too risky?

    Can anyone here do it?
  4. I do it a bit on my KTM 625 SXC. On the tarseal. It's quite good fun on the right tyres. I run a DOT legal knobby (Michelin T63) on the rear & its not too savage when you provoke it into a drift. 3rd gear, on a tightish corner, fair lean angle, hit the apex at about 80km/hr & roll on the gas. She steps out beautifully -about a foot sideways & paints some nice black lines about 10-15 meters up the road :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Just don't panic & shut off the gas too much.
  5. Well first you have to get in a drag race at school and write off you car, then you get a free trip to japan and some guy will give you a car to learn in, then you learn how to do it then you get your uncle's ................................ Well that what they tell me :grin: :grin: :grin:
  6. i havent even seen the movie and i know what you are taking the piss out of!!! gold hahahaha

    PS - seeing it this weekend lol
  7. I've done it plenty of times on the R1, most usually when coming out of Turn 12 at PI. Don't get me wrong, I'm no master at it - a total novice really, but it's not quite as scary as it sounds provided that you don't panic and shut the throttle off which is most people's first instinct when they feel the back break away.

    Much as adamsonline describes, once the rear tyre starts to spin up you stand the bike up a little bit and keep the power on. The rear will continue to drift and slide but the bike will continue to turn, and it's controlled primarily with how far you lean the bike, and not the throttle, or at least for me it is. I guess the scariest part is how to end the slide without it highsiding, and again the trick is to keep the throttle where it is presently at while slowly standing the bike up. As you stand the bike up the rear will come gently back into line and hook up (gain traction) without causing the bike to pivot.

    As to how to do it, NEVER do it on a public road IMO, 'cos if you mess up, you're going down. At the track it's pretty much a matter of slowly increasing your confidence with dialling in more and more power on corner exits. What you're doing here is allowing yourself to learn to approach the limits of the tyre traction under power at lean without snapping the throttle wide open and causing an uncontrolled slide resulting in a low/high side.

    With every lap, and generally it's best to focus on one corner only when learning (hence my tendency to favor Turn 12 @ PI), you keep on increasing the throttle in small amounts coming out of the corner lap by lap until eventually you'll feel the rear just gently start to break away. It's important that you do this gently the first few times otherwise you'll scare yourself shitless and likely result in you panicking, shutting the throttle, and causing a high-side. The moment you feel the rear drifting out of line stand the bike up gently and keep the throttle where it is. Initially you'll feel like you won't turn the corner in time because the bike is leaned over less and you brain is telling you that it's not leaned far enough to make the corner, but the power slide pushes the bike back into and around the corner, and so you'll still make the corner but you just have to have faith that it will until you learn to trust it.

    It really is a leap of faith because things start behaving quite differently to what you're normally used to if you've never drifted the rear before. The bike itself will behave just fine, but 9 times out of 10, the rider will be their own worst enemy and do something to upset the bike. You just have to learn to trust that the bike will "figure it out" and you're simply along for the ride.

    Don't panic. Keep the throttle where it is, and if it's a road bike, for your own safety, practise it at the track and not around trees, posts, cars, etc, etc.
  8. Cathar described it perfectly.
    It is something that you need to be able to do instinctively, and getting to that point takes alot of time and a decent dose of bravery at first.
    (A bit of luck does'nt hurt either)

    Once you get a feel for it, it's not as scary since you know what's going on...even still...if you get it wrong, it's going to hurt ALOT. :shock:
  9. Yes, but that doesn't make me smart, just old. When I was racing the tyres were so crap that to carry any corner speed at all you had to drift, and you didn't need a heap of power to do it either......
  10. just like in a car... too much power, too little traction :grin:
  11. ..... my mind drifts ..... :roll:
  12. That tends to happen as you get older :p
  13. Hmmm, I wouldn't think turn 12 at the Island would be the safest place to pratice your slides..... a slide that goes wrong at 220 kph is bound to hurt. I think coming out of Siberia is easier & safer; the slight banking slows down the rear wheels' sideways movement for a more consistent (controllable) slide.

    But as someone has said earlier, the ease of sliding is all related back to power verses traction..... if you have a 220 hp MotoGP machine, keeping it sideways is just a matter of turning the throttle a touch. Just look at a dirtbike; easy to keep it sideways on the dirt with little horsepower.

    Now I want to see someone practice a two-wheel slide ah la Capirossi !!!!
  14. oh yeah i do that when im heading onto the freeway all the time... not!!!
    Although every time i exit the freeway on warrigal rd exit and turn left i always imagine im getting the rear sliding...
  15. yeah but the problem is I'm only 25 :roll:
  16. OMFG!!!!!!!!!
    That is insaine
    Like wow...
  17. Kinda makes all other stunters look a bit ordinary :)