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So ... How bad is Vodafone, really?.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. I've got two phones with 3 Mobile, which was taken over by Vodafone. They want me to migrate across to Vodafone because they are progressively shutting down the 3 Network.
    Both phones eligible for upgrade, and, in fact, I can get two new phones for less per month than what I am paying now. But ...
    I was with Vodafone many years ago and their coverage was woeful. They keep telling me they're investing millions in new towers and infrastructure, and I've no reason to doubt that.
    But seriously, right at this moment, can you tell me that it's worth making the jump, or should I go with some other option?

  2. I don't know why this thread was locked, and thanks to the people who pointed it out.

    It's now open for replies!
  3. When I was in Wollongong during the work week from 2010-2012 I was still on my old Voda network, it was the absolute worst. It was a bonus just to get a signal. Transferred to Telstra as soon as I could, initially Voda said I had to pay out my contract, then I pointed out where I was (Wollongong) and they said no charge and thanks for your custom.
  4. Wowsers, that's terrible.

    I'm leaning towards paying out the balance of my 3 contract and going with Telstra....
  5. SHouldn't have to pay, Voda know their signals not worth paying for down where you are. PM cockrocket he knows the inside story, he worked at the Uni with me and got to know the Voda engineers, he can explain how to get out of your contract for free.
  6. In the 25 years I've been using mobile networks the only really bad experience I've had was with Vodafark. Regular and habitual overcharging, shite service and poor coverage.
    They may be better now but I will never know.
  7. I hear that they're working to improve their coverage, but in the meantime I see no great reason to roll the dice when there are other package deals close to or as good as theirs.

    I went with Virgin just over a year ago, after seeing some phones being offered for nix on lower monthly plans than the likes of Optus or Telstra. The Optus network coverage seems improved compared to few years ago, and even if not right up with Telstra's, I don't generally have problems.
  8. I must be the only person in Australia who not only likes but actually loves Vodafone!
    I was with Three for many years and their coverage was absolute shit. In 7 years I never got more than one or two bars, despite living in suburban Sydney.
    About 18 months ago I rolled over to Vodafone (since they let me keep the contract I was on with Three) and I have had no problems whatsoever with their service. I am getting four or five bars of reception everywhere I go and I pay about $40/month for unlimited calls/texts. I have never had such good service and I frankly can't even see how Vodafone makes a profit from me! The plan I am on is so good that Vodafone is no longer even offering it to new customers but they have promised me I can stay on it indefinitely.
  9. Vodafone is the worst service I've had. My phone drops out all the time (no bars), internet is slow, and data roaming kicks in whem I'm in my loungeroom just to name a few issues...
    I'll be switching as soon as my contract runs out...
  10. To all the people who don't want to stay on Voda, get yourself over to the Whirlpool forum and search for Voda. They pretty much spell out how to get out without paying a cent. If their product is not fit for purpose they cannot charge you a penalty.
    Voda have lost so many customers they are punch drunk and are not putting up much of a fight when people mention quality of service and ACCC.
  11. Well I don't need to get out, I'm researching whether or not I should get IN, and it looks like I shouldn't
  12. My post was aimed at the other contributors to this thread. it's not all about you. :p
  13. Cheeky!!!!
    I'm thinking buying outright from Kogan and going with their new pre-paid plan, 30 bucks a month for unlimited calls and SMS and 6 gig of data a month, running on Telstra 3G...
  14. Again, please check the Kogan thread on whirlpool, not a lot of positive experiences. I've bought 3 phones from Mobicity and have had nothing but good experiences. Kogan are getting a rep for repackaging returns/seconds and selling them on as new.

    *NB I have no connection to either company.
  15. vodafail, sorry your call cannot be connected, *beep beep beep*

    nough said!
  16. Vodafone were woeful when I was with them. They had towers going offline for days, then I moved somewhere I had no coverage, so got out and joined virgin, haven't looked back.

    virgins coverage is weak in a few areas though, ask around people at work and see which carriers do/dont work there. Have heard mixed reviews about Telstra. Seems as though its a pain to deal with customer service and pricier than others, but coverage better than all the others.
  17. My wife was/is with vodaphone for many years without problems in Sydney until recently.

    then she was sent a letter from a money retreival company saying she owed Vodaphone $800 and that she had failed to corrospond with them. After many failed attemps by her to contact them and a couple of visits to a Vodaphone dealer, after recieving the letter, she final got somone to understand what she was saying and it turns out they'd charged her for a i-phone they'd replaced under warrantee.

    In the end it was sorted, but the trouble she had to go through to sort it would make anyone want to just go with Telstra, depite the cost.
  18. I'm with voda, have been for a few years now... I work in Dandenong and get very good reception with pretty much no drop outs and outstanding data speeds.

    I drive home to Pakenham and suddenly I'm lucky to get one bar of 3g service and data speeds so slow its impossible to do almost anything except tapatalk and light facebook duties. Forget YouTube unless its after 11:30 when speeds pick up a fair bit.

    Fairly sure my contract is up soon, so I'll be moving to Optus I think.
  19. A friend and I both bought Galaxy S3's from kogan, no complaints from us.
  20. Im one of those people who came across to Vodaphone from 3. My phone is always dropping out, no bars. I need to take the Sim card out then put it back in again, sometimes this works and sometimes it doesnt. I usually end up phoning their help line but the Indian call centre folk are difficult to understand. During the weekends wild weather Vodaphone was out for 40 hours, conditions were atrocious but I had no way of finding out if family and friends were ok, just when we really needed the phone.