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So, how about that new Tiger?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by RacingTurtles, Aug 17, 2006.

  1. Have you seen the pictures of the new Triumph Tiger yet? Now with a bigger engine than the outgoing model and completely restyled, I'm thinking a better looking Multistrada or V-Strom... more clearly road bike than the previous model, which I think will upset some people but is just fine by me.
    I like....
    I wonder about the price....

  2. :cool: :cool: :grin:
    I believe theres dirt versions also??
  3. Not form what I've heard elsewhere, although here is hoping. Yes looks like a Multistrada/Navigator.

    I really like the current Tiger (except for newer models alloy wheels), although haven't had a chance to ride one, their numbers are pretty impressive @ 125bhp

    Maybe they realise that 200+kg bikes don't go up single track very well. So build one for comfort and gravel/dirt roads. Although the tyres on this model look pretty road orientated to me.
  4. Yeah not bad, reminds me of the TDM only less ugly. I wonder if they'll make a 675cc version as well, couldn't be that hard to do and there's a definate market in Europe for 600cc tourers.
  5. Stuff the tiger...
    Hurry up and put that new 1050cc triple engine into a Daytona! :grin:
  6. Very nice...Lovely 675 influences, still definitely a Triumph. After the old 600/650 nice to see a return to some interesting bikes.
  7. Another version has just this week been spotted in UK, wearing bigger (probably 19") wheels and larger tank. Adventure version, perhaps?
  8. Look like a TDM to me.
  9. IMO the 1050 is the wrong way to go, the smaller lighter 675 would be much more enjoyable.
    I've ridden a current Tiger and was not particually impressed with it whatsoever, too heavy, wallows on the road and the screen does nothing but buffet.
    Wasn't particually comfortable either.

    Most of the triumph range is pretty well thought out for it's design purpose, but up to date the tiger is a bike that could be best described as being neither here nor there in most regards.
  10. ... which is why this new one seems to be coming off the fence and definitely into the 'road' side.
    Yeah, it looks a bit like a TDM, but better IMO. I'm not a big fan of TDM's front styling, the lights and that 'hood' above them. But TDM might be a good comparison - this should be a good all-around bike, that's why I'm interested.
  11. The speed triple is there good all round bike, the tiger is not off road and not that good at on road either, I can't see that changing.