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So how about that Indian team, eh???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. Smashed for 74 in just over 17 overs.

    There are some things even their money can't buy :evil:.

  2. Yeah. Looks like their curry didnt give them the runs................ :LOL:
  3. Now we sit back with an ale and watch Churchie fly!!!!!

    Need to sack Pup though - too good. Can't having him show punter up can we?
  4. KKKKK-Lassic :rofl:.
  5. That full-toss Lee bowled one of them with was brilliant. 155kmh, the guy didn't have a chance!
  6. Awesome display! How about Gilly's 6 to fine leg!

    Really nice to see the Indian 'world champs :LOL: ' pumped!

    (gee...do I have sour grapes? :p )
  7. Harbajhan & Pathan colliding and dropping the Clarke catch --> :rofl: :eek:wned:
  8. just got back.

    Sitting in bay 13, the atmosphere was unreal. sooo many popo, but it was great to see gilly in action and pumping the ball around the park, a few mexican waves, some beach balls, and a whole lotta noise. Great time enjoyed by all, loved the concert at half time too. 20 20 really is a fantastic night out. Too bad india forgot how to play cricket. ball to bat fellas, ball to bat.
  9. Eh?

    All I remember seeing was "Rogue Traders."

    I hope you didn't mean them...
  10. loved the idea of a half time show more than the actual band, yes.
  11. Serves em right. They deserved every second of that schelacking. Who are they going to blame now? They can't blame the umpire. They can't blame Punter.

    And while it looks like everything is sorted out between the players, the ICC still takes it in the ass with a smile.
  12. A thrashing, they'd be a bit dark on that..
  13. I usually find cricket the most insanely boring game to watch and avoid it at all costs; but last night I agreed to have the cricket on. I was too lazy to move, so started to watch it, and I actually got hooked on it!!!

    Very entertaining :grin:
  14. You realise you've just crossed over to the dark side?

    Another one lost. *sigh*
  15. I just feel sorry for All of the indians batting between 6th and i think it was 9th.
    Harbajhan was meant to be coming out as teh 6th, so got a rather unpleasent reception... But it wasn't him, so out comes number 7... Rather a poor welcome as well... oops wasn't Harbajhan either, ans so on untill he finally comes out as the 9th batsman. (as I reacall).

    he has definately made a name for himself, you can say that much.
  16. Had a laugh on the way out of the ground, some drunk guy was staggering around shouting, "spread out everyone, if we all look hard enough we might find the Indian run-rate here somewhere".

    Ok, not THAT funny, but it made me chuckle at the time.

    Oh, and walking to your bike on the concourse before ducking out the side-streets is the only way to go to (and especially from) a packed G (yes, it was the first time for me).

    Butz. :beer:
  17. +2
  18. was a pretty shit match.! clarke did an excellent job though. the best was how they could talk to gilly out in the middle . i really wanted to see sachin play though. even if he just came out to bat for a ball. the roar from the crown when he comes out is bloody awesome!
  19. Have to admit, one Indian cricketer I've really enjoyed watching this summer is Ishant Sharma. Young guy, stayed out of all the crap and just bowled sensationally.
  20. yeah Bravus, that bloke is sharp. The movement he's getting off the pitch is insane, and he's still got at least a decade ahead of him!

    As for the Indians, they'll probably tell us we're not playing in the spirit of the game for floggin the @rse out of them.... :roll: