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So hit a pothole, then bike felt weird...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by JT_R6, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. Hey all,

    So I had to take the bike out yesterday in heavy rain and cold to a new area after 7pm. Any ways it was dark and I hit a huge pothole and the bike felt weird after that, like it wouldn't go straight and sort of kept pulling to one side, couldn't really pull over so a i kept going (stupid).

    Any ways, car changes into my lane at a red light, so i brake at the bike just slides out from under me. like a lowsider even though I was braking in a straight line. (Wearing proper gear, so just a bruised knee). Decided to call it quits after that (mirror broke gave me a hint that might be more bad luck).

    Rode home, still having the same issue. Had a look at the bike, its fine except for some fairing scratches and broken mirror. And the tyres look fine, pressures are a bit low i guess because of the cold but nothing too drastic (1-2psi off).

    Any one had this before and know why, or am I just retarded?
    (Been riding for more than 3 years now, including in the wet, but it felt weird just after hitting that pothole)
  2. Obviously you'll be getting your bike looked over ya?

    Just like in a car, if you hit a pothole hard enough, the steering alignment could be knocked out. Just a slight bend in the forks can do this. You know your bike better than anyone, if it doesn't feel right, then there's something wrong.

    Maybe you can go get some pics of said pothole and approach the council with your findings and subsequent repair bill?

    Sorry to read about your stack after the fact, good to know you came out ok (but get the knee checked anyway).
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  3. Could be that you have also buckled the rim....
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  4. Check front end alignment. .

    Have someone hold the bike upright and make sure the triple tree and front skewer/axle are all square.

    Also check front wheel bearing - lift front end off the ground and free spin the wheel - ensure it runs true and is not binding anywhere.

    Glad you're okay.
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  5. Madazz beat me to it :D
  6. Ya baby! *supastar* :p
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  7. Ah cool - yeah. No not riding it today. Will get it looked at this week.

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Was going to have a look but was pissing down and dark, so I decided just to get it home first.

    Will put the experience down to another life lesson.
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