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So, here's the (half-baked) plan..

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by hornet, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. I have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off, the weather forecast looks good and I'm trying to talk myself into doing the much-discussed 24-Hour Ride.

    I've mapped out a route that starts at Wollongong, goes down the coast to Bateman's Bay, up to Canberra, down to Cooma, Jindabyne, Thredbo, and the Alpine Highway to Corryong then Wodonga. From there it goes to Wangaratta, then east to Whitfield, Mansfield, Yea, Yarra Glen and across the top end of Melbourne to pick up the road to Ballarat. From there the route heads down to the ocean and up the coast to Adelaide, which is around 20-odd hours, according to Google Maps. I don't know what assumption GM makes about speed, number of stops, etc.

    I'd welcome comments, as long as there are not too many of the 'You're mad, you old goat", variety....
  2. I'll be the first.

    You're mad, you old goat.

  3. Assuming you're going to do that trip over 24hrs and don't have a bike that has massive range (I haven't seen any discussions about this before), my only suggestion is that you map out the petrol stations. If you find yourself switching to reserve around Corryong or Whitfield past sundown you'll be in trouble.
  4. Hmm!

    My Mapsource software (with slightly tweaked assumed average speeds for each grade of road) says 2036km, dodging Canberra by hugging the Monaro Highway along the southeast outskirts of the city. 22 hours 54 minutes.

    Historically I've found my current settings to be faaaairrrly accurate for total elapsed time over long distances at more-or-less-legal speeds, with meal and fuel breaks; perhaps a whisker on the conservative side. Not sure how they'd be for your trip, but who knows.


    Edit: Gavinnl makes a good point; you mightn't be able to do too many exotic roads after dark. Timing could be critical.
  5. >>>>>>WHY?
  6. How long are you planning to do this over?

    Three days of 8 hours each?

    Otherwise roos etc could be a bit of a problem. As well as the effects of not enough sleep. I could go into some sleep research studies that we were a part of when we were flying long hours but I don't want to bore people unless they are really interested. Some of it applied equally to riding.
  7. If I'm getting anywhere near 180kms or thereabouts and I see a fuel station, I always stop in and fill up anyway; I don't yet trust reserve!

    If I leave at 5:00am Wollongong, by my reckoning I shouldn't hit darkness on roads I don't know till around well after Melbourne, would that be a reasonable (guess) estimate?

    The reality is that it would be a self-imposed schedule, and if fatigue, or any other matter, made it unwise or not feasible to continue, then that's why God invented motels :LOL:.

    In answer to the question, WHY? I can only answer, WHY NOT?
  8. Don't know the area so can't help with the specifics, but I will say go for it and good luck.

    I'd agree with careful planning of fuel stops if you're going to be running outside business hours.

    I'd also add that, in my limited experience of Google Maps, the average speed estimates it gives tend to be rather conservative. Not bad for highway/open roads assuming you stay within a cooee of the speed limit, but on twistier stretches they're far short of a reasonable pace for a fairly fresh rider on dry roads in daylight. I suspect they're aimed at lowest common denominator drivers.
  9. I'm seeing 1072km and 12 hours 7 minutes to reach Yarra Glen, Hornet.

    Mind you, the Alpine Way will slow you down a bit...
  10. That would be consistent with other trips I've done down to Melbourne via the highway, around 15 hours including stops to the centre of the suburbs....

    So on that timing, with around 3 hours of daylight left, Ballarat or even further is still possible, leaving nine hours of night-time riding???
  11. Mate... I want to do exactly this ride, but over a week or two, staying at can and melb for a few days. Let us know how it goes as its a good route.

    Take caffeine tablets :)
  12. Yeah, suspect so. Ballarat should definitely have fuel after dark, not sure about the GOR, though... I'm rather unfamiliar with anything west of Camperdown.
  13. Camperdown does from memory. Warrnambool and Mount Gambier are regional cities of 30,000+ pop. and will have 24 hr fuel, Bordertown and Murray bridge also.

    The coastal towns of SA may not. (Kingston may have???)
  14. Spiffy. :)

    Incidentally, Hornet, have you been looking at my pace notes for my December convoyish-thing to Melbourne? From W'gong to Melbourne's pretty much identical to what I had planned, except I was going to take my friends up Macquarie Pass and down Kangaroo Valley too. ;)
  15. Fri - Attend Fri Coffee night
    Sat - Attend Sat Coffee night
    Sun - Come round my place for bbq

  16. Just stuff I would personally be planning if it was me:
    As the major problem will be fatigue (doh) and possibly DVT (hey you can get it on a plane) definately plan 2 hourly stops to walk around and stretch. Don't rely on coffee/cafienated drinks to keep you awake and then use them as the only form of drink otherwise you'll get a bit shakey and dehydrated. So drink gallons of water (which will pretty much guarentee you needing to stop every 2 hours anyway to pee) to keep hydration up, and have small regular high energy snacks rather than heavy meals.
    Lastly as a mum I can't not say - pack a spare pair of grungies and don't forget to ring home every couple of hours to let everyone know you are ok. That way if you have dropped off the face of the earth, someone will come looking :grin:
  17. Good luck.... Y'old goat. Give it some welly, keep your receipts and see if you can't get yourself an IBA membership.
  18. what's that paul?
    are you coming for a visit??
  19. Marls and I done something similar coming back from WA.

    Her ZZR600 only has a reliable fuel range of 250km max, so lots of stops were needed.
    Leaving at 6am, we put in 15 hours to pull up at 9pm having done 1,383km.
    As it was sundown we decided to get some sleep and finish the journey in the morning.

    We did have to carry fuel, to do the last 300km. You will need to consider that.

    I'd suspect only the major highways (and towns) have 24 hour fuel.

    My advice to anyone who is thinking of riding long distances, is strap a 5L plastic fuel can to the bike and go for a ride, ride it until you hit reserve( or warning light), then switch over, and ride it until it stops. You will then have a ballpark figure of the range. It will become less with lots of gear attached and head winds. Normally before reserve the ZZR gets 230 commuting 270 tripping without gear, but only 210 with gear and a headwind. On the trip west the longest stretch was 255km.

    Good luck with the ride.

    Or is it over?
  20. I had to have a minor fix to something on the bike last week, which nixxed the weekend, but the plan still percolates.

    I'm toying with the idea of doing and 'out-and-back' 24 hour trip, (if I haven't mentioned this before??). That way I'd be riding back towards home for the last part of the trip, and most of it would be on familiar roads.....