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So Here I Am

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Slovan, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. Gday All....

    For some reason a few weeks ago I woke up and decided: "i want a motorbike".

    Now after 35 years on the earth and never been on a bike that's easier said than done. First there was a fair bit of convincing of the wife.... then finding the time to put a weekends worth of morning aside.... and then actually passing the L's practical. Well the L's prac is done (passed - it was actually alot of fun) now just need to head to the RMS and get the test done.

    So... looking for a bike - liking the look of the Honda 2006 VTR250 - but am unsure due to my height 192 cm and 110kg..... anyone have one of these and can shed some info?


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  2. Welcome to a lifetime of addiction......
  3. I dont know your price range, but since youre a bigger guy I would steer clear of the 250s. Have you looked at GS500s by any chance?

    Anyway, welcome to the site and to riding, you wont regret either.
  4. Welcome @Slovan@Slovan ,
    Being over 100 kg I'd definitely be looking for something with a bit more power than a 250.
    I'd go for a 400 minimum. As you're reasonably tall you shouldn't have any issue finding something to fit.
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  5. Welcome Slovan,

    Just be sure to choose a bike you're not cramped up on. I'm 196cm with long legs + 80kg, on a 250cc, so here's the voice of reason.

    If it doesn't 'feel just right' when you sit with your feet on both pegs (or one peg if there's no centre stand), then you will curse yourself on a 2hr+ trip. Once you own the thing, it's a bit too late.

    Don't let me put you off buying a beginners bike. Just saying...
  6. welcome :]
  7. Welcome to NR...

    I would stay clear of the 250 as well...
  8. ended up with a CB500F - pretty damn fun....
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  9. Enjoy mate! Gave you started down the never ending path of mods and bling yet? :greedy:
  10. lovely bike and lots of fun and power. enjoy your journey
  11. hah funny that - exhaust getting done today....
  12. Nice, which one?
  13. 2 Bros - just git the bike home...wow what a difference in sound.

    Hopefully i dont attract the wrong kind of attention...

    That crackle pop tho....
  14. Preaching to the converted man!! Gotta love it!
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  15. Congratulations! :)
  16. Nice choice in bike... Congrats :)
  17. Welcome to the disease, and congrats on the new ride.