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So have you had an off?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by emsie, Apr 1, 2007.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  1. So, there's been a lot of people on this forum who've posted about their thrills and (sometimes) subsequent spills and that got me thinking. How many of us HAVE had offs? I'm not talking about dropping the bike while you're moving it, or someone nudges it when you're parked outside uni kinda thing .. I'm talking more about actually riding, both feet up and you've hit something (or been hit), or made a mistake, or the conditions were bad or whatever. Actual offs :)

    I thought it might just be interesting to see how this looked in a poll, so please forgive me if it's been done to death and please forgive me for starting yet another poll :) I just thought it'd be really interesting, especially as a relative newbie :)
  2. I think it would be very interesting to see also. I know theres alot of people on netrider these days but it still surprises me how many threads are started about people coming off...

    I remember once when someone refered to this site as Netcrasher and i got a huge laugh out of it at the time :LOL:

    Anyways i havent binned it... yet
  3. Oh and also, this poll is absolutely open to those who ride scooters - we rarely (if ever) hear about any of you guys coming off and my best guess is because a lot of the scooters out there are only intended to do 60-odd k's an hour and are really only used for commuting. So, if you're reading this and you're a scooter rider, this poll is absolutely open to you too! :)
  4. Came off many years ago (which led to me giving bikes a rest for over 15 years amongst other things..)
    I laid the bike down on Toorak road (just near the old Saloon Bar) when a dumb ass biatch pulled out in her Range Rover. Low speed @ 40-50k/hr and in the wet.

    thougths of this have stayed with me. They ARE out to kill you. Only you can rely on your own safety. blah blah blah blah.....
  5. I hit a car, but didn't come off my bike... So I said no.
  6. I've had a couple offs my last one was at between 100-150km/h, oh what its like to be air borne of public roads..
  7. Yep a week ago :oops: ... things are mending well though
  8. Had my one and only off about 12 months ago while turning left at an intersection, with a guy in a ute with a bullbar. He was turning right and decided to cut the corner :shock: and hit me. Another SMIDSY. :evil:
  9. Never fallen off on the road. I have fallen off my fathers old trials bike when I was around 10 years old. Last time I probably fell off was when I was about 12? :(
  10. Ive noticed that bikers are very negative when it comes to off in the way that i was talking to a guy about my hyo and i said "i havent fallen of yet" and he said "its inevitable"

    Also ive seen people post things like "there are those who have fallen off, and there are those who will"
  11. stunt on my 250 i estimate to have come of 20+ times. mostly practising slow pace stuff. bike stalling etc..

    as in gensral.. no i have never come of on road. but i posted yes. due to stunting.

  12. I've come off on a 50cc scooter before I got my license. I was going fast enough that it hurt, but it wasn't serious. Never come off my bike though.

    I ride the scooter a lot closer to the limit than I do with the bike, mostly because the limit is to much easier to reach.
  13. :dance:

    i'm in the multiple offs club
    it ain't so bad :LOL:
  14. Personal off score = zero so far, thank Dog, touch wood.

    I know of a couple of scooter offs from other scooter forums; one due to wet road and poor road condition, the other due to difference in momentum between a car and a scoot trying to occupy the same space (car driver at fault)

    While rider profile may contribute to under-representation of scooters in reported offs, there are some other factors that may be significant (based on Victorian observation only):
    • it's just harder to get most stock scoots into lean angles anywhere near knees down - bits just scrape. There's no point in pushing harder into the corner.
    • wild guess here, but I think that a smaller % of the new scooter riders participate in forums compared to bike riders so we don't hear about them
    • whether it's the performance of the scoots or the attitude of the riders, I don't see a lot of splitting through moving traffic for scoots,
    • and I don't see the excessive speeds (more to do with performance than desire here maybe).
    • For most stock scoots, a mono is out of the question; so you don't try them and if you want to do them - well you get a bike
    Performance for $ and flat-out performance ability, bikes win; they are more attractive to those who seek and experiment with speed and power.

  15. I voted 'No', but that vote is for 'this time' - the 9 months or so since I got back into riding after 15 years off. I regard my earlier crashes as being beyond the statute of limitations. ;) But if I screwed the poll by removing my younger self, subtract one from the No and add one to the Yes.
  16. Mono out of the question!

    When I worked in a sugar mill we had an old nifty 50 that I used to be able to mono for about 20-30m. It was a POS and would only start occasionly. I also used to do rolling burnouts in the sugar syrup on the factory floor. That stuff was bloody slippery :p
  17. Kudos then!

    Might be our (cough, cough) weight distribution :roll:
  18. never had an off.
    hoping to keep it that way as long as possible.
    but you never know when that idiot is going to turn into you...
  19. yep, I have, a couple.


    I survived, so I'll call it "experience" :wink:
  20. 3 times for me.

    first time was my own fault, on L plates. Just banged up the mirrors and a small fairing - $100 bucks of damage.

    second time was entirely a smidsy moment. I was travelling south down Mickelham Road, a car pulled out of a t-intersection to my left ( turning right).
    I t-boned the car broke my wrist, dislocated my knee. Bounced over the bonnet, and rolled down the road without bike. Missed 2 months of work, missed 6 months of walking.

    third time, a car driver side swiped me on the freeway doing about 30ks. Just scored a bruised elbow.