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So Happy...

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by Araid, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. Picked up my first and with only 6 hours at learner center I jumped on and drove it home. 30km later I was at my place and the Grin on my face stayed long into the night. :biker:

    Bike: 2010 Kawasaki ER6NL with only 600Km on the clock.
    Colour: White (Previous owner changed fairings to ER6N white)

    I already did a trip down past Belmont from Newcastle. The way there was a bit of getting use to but back was great. Felt like I started to know the bike and got going.

    If I did not Nod at anyone please forgive as I was concentrating so hard :eek:hno:

    Please let me know if pic works or needs to change as I cant view it from work once uploaded. ](*,)

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  2. Changed the pic to a smaller one as the other might have been over size.
  3. Newcastle to Belmont , nice ,good sweepers out the back of charlie

    Sounds like you will be comfortable on it soon enough, if you ever want to cruise around, im all ways up for a ride.
  4. Enjoy the ride, I cant see the pic but being an ex kwaka Lams rider I know you will love it
  5. Sound great. Riding into work already and only had one stall this morning. Damm P plater scary moment.
  6. Sitting in the traffic is one thing .A random mix of boring and scary

    We live in newcastle ,from my house i can get to Armidale with out seeing a traffic light.

    And the small towns just out Patterson /Clarancetown, Have a thing called the pothole cup ,The town that has the worst roads wins.

    Its what makes life worth living
  7. I think even some roads in Newcastle might be in the run for that cup. Some holes are bad but finding a sunken drain cover mid corner was not something I was prepared for.

    Bike handled it better than me. Just a bump and it was stable but I was still shaking.
  8. Cool looking bike. Congrats on the purchase! (y)

    Ride Safe! :D
  9. Another white bike!!! so it is true white is the new black.

    nice looking bike mate, enjoy.
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  10. you bet Mikey
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  11. Nothing better than picking up a new bike! Looks good - enjoy.
  12. WOW... First ride in the Rain and it was scary. :busting:

    Hit the wrong gear on a turn and back wheel went bit sideways on me. Nearly dropped it but learned to check gears before corner. 8-[

    Love the bike tho. Not that I have much experience on other bikes but it feels stable and easy to control. Clutch could have been bit smoother but maybe it needs time to wear in.

    Thanks for all the comments.
  13. Looks good man! What I especially like about these bikes is you don't see heaps of them on the road, so you can feel a little more unique while riding something that is genuinely a fantastic machine. Take of her and she will take care of you :)