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So... Had an on off today...

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by AllllllR1, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. So after a good ride up the old road and on to woy woy for dinner with the family... I have managed to have a high side leaving the pub...

    Nothing to drink just cold tyres and an unseen white painted line turning left at the intersection probably about 40 - 50k/ph anyway I was 6ft in the air before I knew anything had gone wrong... I'm ok but I don't know about the bike... Crankcase cover ripped half off so had to be towed and the new yams delta box frame drops over the cylinder each side and this is badly Scratched so i fear it may be written off... Some other damage right peg snapped etc as well.. Very glad I have comprehensive here's a few pics:
    image. image. image. image.

  2. Ouch! You ok?
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  3. sorry to her about the accident, glad to see you're ok.

    Did you get checked over by a Dr? If not perhaps you should go see yours.

    From the pics it doesn't look to bad, hope you get it sorted soon.
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    I don't like to see people come off, but paint did not do this....
  5. Cheers, I'm ok mainly bumps and bruises... Head took a knock so the helmet is no good but insurance will cover new gear... I might see how I pull up in the morning to see if I need to see the doctor. Yeah my first thought was sh** the bike and I hope I'm not without it for to long.... Just worried about the scratch on the frame, but I guess I'll find in the next few days
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  6. Well tyres were new (about 500kms on them) as well and cold but the bike has every traction control aid under the sun and I've asked a lot more of the rear in far worse conditions/weather... Etc obviously I made the mistake other wise I wouldn't have fallen off I was probably a bit complacent on cold and new tyres but i was taking it easy and like I said I've asked a lot more of the rear with no problem before...
  7. Ouch..

    Hope you're ok..
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  8. wow dude, glad you're ok. a highside that put you six foot in the air and you were taking it easy - amazing how fast an accident can happen even with all the electronic ass-saving gadgetry. no doubt you will be sore tomorrow and probably should see a doctor.
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  9. Yeah I guess it gives a bit of perspective as far as speed goes... Yeah I might go tomorrow just to be safe... I guess the main thing is I got away with it relatively unscathed and insurance will take care of the rest...
    I'll just have to remember not to get too complacent next time
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  10. Traction control and Electrical aids will not save you.
  11. I don't expect them too... And I'm not trying to blame them I just know what the bike is usually capable of... Anyway I know I made the mistake as I said before and I didn't start the thread to disect the why... I started it to share the experience and ask opinions on the frame damage
  12. Did you enjoy the experiance, and Oh the frame is F@cked...
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  13. Im sure the OP feels pretty bad about this already without you rubbing his nose in it.

    If you cant show a little compassion or sympathy, why don't you just refrain from posting rather than acting like a prick!
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  14. Oh Boo Hoo who cares what you think
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  15. Just pull your head in cock knuckle!
  16. Yep cause I guess it means I'm off to buy a new bike with nothing more than a sore knee, because as you say the frame is f@cked. and as for the crash I'm the wiser for it so happy days
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  17. No
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  18. Sorry about your off mate as others have said get yourself checked out.
    Had a big Highside at PI once and was sitting around the back of the pits when they dropped the bike off it was totalled, as I sat there feeling like crap the late great Ken Wooton wandered up asked how I was and then said "at least you went out on the gas".
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  19. Unfortunately you believe that insurance companies donate new shit for sport. If it is under $5k fix it yourself or be prepared for a raping you will never get over...
  20. Oh and what Itchin said :)
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