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So good to ride again

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Elsinore, Oct 27, 2012.

  1. Just did day one of RTA precourse after many years of letting my license lapse. This is such an improvement over the days when we bought a bike and taught ourselves. I am so looking forward to using my CB400 soon. It felt so good again. \\:D/

  2. Hiiiiiiii there and welcome to NR! (y) What part of Syd are you in?

    Congrats on getting back into riding! How long have you been longingly staring at your bike kicking yourself?
  3. :shock: If your last bike was an Elsinore, that WAS a long layoff!!
    Welcome back, and to Netrider :)
  4. Well guessed Hornet. Still wide eyed and nervous, there are more vehicles and we didn't have something to text with in our hands then and not having to watch the road.
    Love my MT Elsinore had an absolute ball on it. Now I wish to ramble with some buddies up north.
  5. Near the airport and have looked longingly for several years once family grew up and was given approval to go ahead with the purchase.
  6. Elsinore was the Honda motocross (didn't they call them scramblers back then) bike in the 1970's I think. I remember watching races at Bairnsdale and Lakes Entrance with Elsinores in them. Good to hear you have gotten back into it.
  7. congrats mate...
  8. Now for the rider knowledge test tomorrow and then alls good
  9. All passed. Feels strange with a L plate fixed to the rear. Loved the ride this morning. Sun out and roads started to dry out. Loads of fun.
  10. That's great news (y) couldn't have picked a better day for a ride!
  11. And now to mimic your signature block. Something to work up to
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