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So glad I was in my cage this arvo

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by VTRBob, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. Had an on site job up in Wangarata Today so I had to take my 4wd tank loaded up with toolbox / parts etc. ( job done all is good )

    PS it must be Ecidna mating season they were out on the roads in huge numbers !

    Any hoo , came back via the Black spur and was hooking in as much as possable keeping to my own side and wary of any 2wheeled kamakazis coming from either behind or in front :LOL: :twisted: :p

    Had just gone past Dom Dom picnic area and the slight S's after and slowed a little for the double right hand corners ( how do i know this so well ? :shock: :twisted: ) so had washed of alot a speed as I went into the sharp LH der ............. WTF a bloody 3 series BMW full of wanker tourists had stopped 10mtrs past the corner in the god damned MIDDLE of the road while hanging out of windows taking photos !!
    I pulled up inches from the rear bumper with my 6 count them 6 driving lights lite up and leaning on the horn. There responce ? the international middle finger salute :evil:
    They moved of real quick when I selected low range and yelled f**king move or i'll push yah all the way to Healsville. :twisted:

    All I can say is, if it was a bike instead of the 4be they most certainly would have had a new boot ornament :evil: :evil:

    I also dont want to sound racist or reflect on anyone personaly but which country has the biggest camera to population ratio ? then you may guess as to there origin :wink:

  2. Kamikaze is what gave it away Blob :)
  3. you grumpy bugger, they were just site seeing!

    "nushing wong wish shite sheeing"

    :p :LOL: :p :LOL: :p :LOL: :p :LOL: :p
  4. should have given them a little nudge ;)
  5. What 4WD do you have?

    Did they almost get hit by your Randcruiser? Hirux? Patror?
  6. LOL :grin: :LOL: :grin:
  7. The only way for people like that to understand is with violence. you shoulda taken up your threat of pushen them

  8. Bob -

    Had the opposite happen. But with contact, just a couple weeks ago.

    Was static in traffic, waiting in my Frontera (the Canyonero...)for cars in front to move. Noticed something in mirror coming up fast...and...

    ...70's Celica collides with my rear end at about 55kph. No brakes, no screech, just ker-bang. Closely followed by SECOND ker-bang as VN Commodore collides with Celica. I got out. Sore neck. A tiny bit pissed off.

    No-one seriously hurt, but both Celica and VN written off. The Celica was just a lump of junk - had submarined under the Canyonero. I had to engage 4WD to drive off from on top of him!

    Given 10 minutes to think, the Celica pilot (young bloke) said "Yeah...I probably should have been looking where I was going." Woman in Commodore maybe should have been doing the same.

    All good, insurance fixed it all up, but...what if I'd been on my trusty ZZR on that day? I thought about it for a minute, then decided to have another bourbon for my sore neck and not bother pondering it any longer. Watch your mirrors, people...even when you're not moving!
  9. Sure sounds like a convincing argument for lane splitting...
  10. Whoa, slow down there sonny. That there's illegal type talk.
    Can't be havin' none o' that.
  11. Lane splitting? Do people really DO that?

    Seriously, when I was living in Sydney, on two occasions I was waiting in traffic, checked my mirrors....shat my pants and quickly zapped up between the lanes. Just before an idiot driver smacked into the rear of the car I'd been sitting behind.

    Lane splitting, eh? Tell me more......

  12. Twas this :
  13. so high beam is pretty ordinary? :p
  14. VTRBOB, as soon as i read this post was from you - the first thing i pictured (in my mind) is that BIG 4WD you have! lol :grin: Think you should have used that nudge bar lol
  15. My son and I ran into a (change that to almost ran into) the same problem just outside of Wye River.... if it wasn't for the bikes going the other way giving us the "slow down" sign we may have ran into them......
  16. Ahh now I remember. We've traded 4WD pics in a thread before :p

    Surely you could have flicked the beams and melted them to nothing before hitting... "Narva'd b1tches!"
  17. I was about to say you should have just run them over cause you have no number plate, then reversed away... But then realised you have blanked it out LOL :LOL: I am an idiot.