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So glad I rode to work today

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ohmigosh, Sep 14, 2012.

  1. After limping (in the vernacular) it up over winter only riding for social reasons I finally got back on the bike to ride to work today.

    Farnarkling cold early this morning in Sydney though. Forgot to put on my neck sock. Frozen toe on my left foot and hands that felt like clubs when I got to work.

    But this arvo heading home. Low sun when heading west was a biatch but I was able to filter my way past 200 bazillion peak-hour trapped cars. M2 was a carpark (and my usual bus ride home was stuck in the middle of it) but Epping Road was made for a bike to filter past cagers. 90 minute trip done in 50 minutes.

    Love the bike!

    Fun Ha!

  2. The only negative about riding to work, is you cant pick your nose with gloves on.:-$
  3. ^Wanna bet?
  4. Or, IOW, you've spent the last X months spending 90 minutes to do a 50 minute trip :wink:.
  5. It's my first year of riding but I've been riding rain, hail, or shine since January.
    And yes I leave home daily at 6:00am when it's been farking freezing during winter.

    HTFU ;)
  6. Heh - You live near me then Jacks. Gotta love the "fark it is cold" when you head toward the rising sun in winter.

    And year - I'm soft. But when you get as old as me you'll appreciate the warmth of public transport in the depths of winter!

    And yeah. I is teh dumberest...


    Its going to be a great weekend for riding. :D

    Fun Ha!
  7. rode today and it was brilliant......although I like my comforts so no more rain riding :).
  8. ride to work most days - had a good chuckle on the way home yesterday though...

    Going over the gateway bridge on the way home, a rolled up alongside a chick trying to take a photo of the sunset over brisbane city (one of the highlights of my daily ride home). Accidentally ruined her first attempt, but once I realised she was trying to take a pic, had a good laugh slowing down and speeding up with the car to block the pic. She seemed to get a bit annoyed but her friend driving seemed to have a laugh.

    ... made my day at least