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So frustrating!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by pastafarian, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. So I have all my gear and my learners licence. All i need is a bike!

    Three times now I've seen a bike I'm interested in, call up the seller, leave a message and get no reply. The next day its no longer advertised! Gah.

    To all riders, How long did it take you to find your first bike?
  2. I bought new as a dealer in WA had a few 250 viragos sitting on the floor and wanted to shift them. At $5000, I can still sell it for what it cost me 4 years ago.

    My second bike took some tyre kicking, but I ended up buying through the same dealer (5 Star Yamaha) as they had exactly what I wanted for less that I was prepared to pay.
  3. Given I had a very limited budget, I bought the first bike I saw that was the right price and in reasonable condition. In other words less than a day.

    My second bike was much the same. Did a straight swap (cost me $100 to transfer the rego).

    Third bike took a while a few months, as did my 4th (current) bike.
  4. I was tempted to do this, but the bike was close to rego and the owner's knowledge of maintenance seemed lacking, even by my standards! :inquisition:
  5. Good thing you walked away. If it's obvious that maintenance is something the bike hasn't had then I wouldn't be taking the chance. That is unless you want to buy something you can restore.
  6. I found myself being too cautious for the likes of private sellers in the end. Whenever I asked them about the bike's history, log books or maintenance history or for details so I could run some RTA / REVS checks the trail would go cold - they'd stop responding to me. I probably could have waited longer for a private seller who would entertain me (ie. longer than a month or so of trying) but ended up just going through a dealer.

    Funny thing is I ended up buying a formerly written off vehicle from that dealer, but at least I knew this was what I was buying beforehand and made an informed decision (weighing up cost / benefit) to do so. I content myself by making myself believe the other, more expensive bikes from private sellers were also previously written off and that that was why they never got back to me - they wanted to charge an unsuspecting punter a higher price without disclosing its history rather than bargain with me. Probably wrong but makes me feel better. :)
  7. I was the same, took me months to find a bike after getting my learners but during those months my budget kept on getting stretched and everyday at work browsing online to see what fits into my budget then finally something pops up, went to see them (dealers) and paperwork all signed that day.

    Depends on how picky you are as well, my bike has heaps of sctraches from previous owner/s but was in my budget and I am happy with it and glad I waited.

    Just keep on looking and something will pop up. Good luck with it.
  8. First bike took me about 2-3 weeks. Just finding the right bike.

    Second took me around 4 months to find the right one. Wasn't so much the specific bike, but the make/model, who would of thought I would choose a Harley?
  9. The last bike I bought I sent an email in response to an ad and got no further response. then the ad disappeared.

    Three months later I got an email from a guy I had never heard of, asking was I still interested in the bike. At that point I had forgotten all about it and had to be told what bike he was taling about.

    Turns out other crap in the guys life took over and he decided he had too many things to deal with and just took the bike off the market and then when things settled down he started contacting the people who had contacted him to see if they were still interested. He didn't even contact them all at onnce, just started working down the list one at a time.

    We were the first people interested and bought it a week or so later for about a third of it's market value.
  10. only bike i bought 'on the spur of the moment' was over the net, more then 12 months ago, beemer cruiser, stacked it 12 months ago, bastard bike wrote me off for 8 weeks!!
    Bought it for $7k, ins paid out $10,650 I think.. That was a good buy :) sold a bike to Karl Williams once!! A VTR250 no less :)
  11. i got mine from the facotry floor.... well shop floor

    i went brand new, so no waiting or flucking around.
  12. Lol, I'm sure that story had been worth the sale alone, moreso than any profit (if you get what I'm saying)
  13. well lets just say I didnt look up when he said his name, I am 6 tall, I looked up to this guy and he was easily twice my size, but a gentle giant!!
    my ad said no test pilots, this guy rode the bike away on his 'L' plates at night, first ride on a new unknown bike to him.
    and he did pay in cash in case you were asking lol
  14. i went looking at every dealer over a week (no job, so it was every dealer east of the cbd)
    i knew the bike i wanted, and the price.

    ended up getting a better bike for the same amount.