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So Frustrating!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stokedpaz, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. It's pretty much all my fault for not reading things properly in time, but still highly frustrating!!

    I recently bought a 2000 model R6. Only thing is I am not on my full licence until March. I figured I could just keep it locked away and just do some track days to keep me going until I can ride it on the road in March.

    I had booked my level one with California Superbike School early this year, and at the time I had a 250. Just looking over the site today I see that you must hold the appropriate licence for the bike you ride!! So even on the track I cannot ride my bike. You can cancel the CSS day if you do so before 7 days priore to the event. I tried calling today, but they must be closed over the weekend. Monday will be exactly 7 days until the date I booked, so if they dont let me cancel and refund me I will have to try to sell the spot to someone.

    So now I have to wait until March not only to ride on the road, but to ride at Eastern Creek. My job doesn't allow me to take time off during the week, so I have to wait again until the rare chance when CSS falls on a weekend or public holiday!

    This sux, sorry to rant. Yes, it's my fault. Still sux!
  2. CSS are extremely good people to do business with. Call them first thing Monday and rebook for the day your licence matches the bike.
  3. Thanks mate, good idea. I'm not sure they have dates that far in advance though. I'll give them a ring and see what we can work out. Good to know they are good to talk to though. Cheers!
  4. Why dont you just ride the 250? The school is about technique anyway.
  5. 250 got stolen a few months ago. I bought the R6 because I didn't see the point of getting another LAMs bike for just 7 months...

    Now I see the point, hindsight eh?
  6. Ah ok, your sig confused me
  7. I should probably change that.
  8. Can't you just go for a track day instead?
  9. I never knew it got stolen..............last time I saw it was that track day, when it was pissing a tiny bit of green stuff.

    Surely you could ride it during track days, I know some people already do this.

    Anyway........like I said, come track day at Marulan with me, 2nd Oct and 6th Nov.

  10. Swap ya my LAMS legal Aprilia? :p................lol
  11. Most (not all) track day operators want you to have a licence for the bike you are riding. You'd need to check each company for their T&C's.
  12. Will look into Marulan, see what their rules are. I looked on the EC ride days site. They don't seem to mention anything about having the licence for the bike you ride, I could be wrong. It seems like it is just the CSS?

    Still bummed. I have had CSS booked for a good 6 months now. Was really looking forward to it. Marulan looks like it holds more weekend spots, which suits me. What's it like down there?
  13. Hope they make exceptions as I'm looking into buying an r6 tracky and would sure as hell want to get some training before I do

    I fi had got my license only a couple months earlier I would be on my fulls in just under 2 weeks but now I have green ps. Lams just sucks :(
  14. Marulan is not a very good track for anything bigger than a motard.

    If you're concerned about CSS or EC Ride Days ot allowing you on track, you could contact MNSW: http://www.motorcycling.com.au/ about a race license or recreational licence. This will be the licence you present and is not limited to lams.
  15. Ahh very good idea, thanks
  16. Cheers, I'll look into that. Good idea!
  17. problem solved, Paz doesnt have to do a dodgy afterall.............lol
  18. atleast you looked into it before you turned up.....a guy on my last track day turned up on his L's & got turned away straight off the bat (cause you need P's or an MA licence minimum) never seen some one so dissappointed:cry:

    btw you can buy my 250, tyres are nicely scrubbed in p:
  19. Make sure your leathers zip together too