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so freakin cold!

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by smidge, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. so what do you wear to stop freezing your nuts off on a colder night commuting?

    i had a leather jacket with lining, leather gloves, thick woolen jumper, boots and kevlars and have never been so cold...

    i'd prefer stuff to put over rather than under (takes less time to gear up) is there any particular riding gear you can get to stop the wind chill getting to you?

    any tips???

    (PS. has anyone noticed you can't search in the thread title only? i tried to search for info on this but got page after page of spark plug talk)
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  3. My bike. I'm lazy by nature so never put the warm liner in unless its near snowing. If its uber cold I'll lay on the bike coming home late at night. You get used to it.
  4. u might like adding outer layers, but its the inner layers which keep u warm.
    buy some thermals, i own a marino longsleeve thermal shirt, and some polypropolene longjohns. want marino to replace the polypro when i can find it. i wear the longjohns under perforated leathers, jsut this thin layer is enough to insulate rather well, even with the airflow through the perforations. the longsleeve tee, with a normal tee over the top, and my liner in the jacket, sees me warm as anything in almost all conditions.

    if it's heading close to zero, i just add my plastic waterproof jacket n pants over the top. this stops all wind, and the rest of the layers trap the heat.

    toasty warm riding Mt Donna Buang at 1am on a cold night :wink: except my jaw almost froze off, lol i need a balaclava/neckwarmer :LOL:
  5. I find these wristbands help quite a bit:

  6. lol, i just read a report of it being cold in brisbane...11degrees at 5am...it barely got to that in the middle of the day in sunny hobart :LOL:

    Simply be like an onion (with layers, preferably with something like a set of codura pants and jacket and you'll be toasty warm)
  7. scrounge a newspaper from someone, open in the middle and put inside your jacket and you will be warm as toast
  8. Also helps to keep your neck warm... buy a neck warmer Rjays: $10
  9. Over the years I've tried various levels of expense in cold gear, from newspapers, double pants, wet gear and I can imagine all the money spent on stuff, but... in the end I've found GORTEX related gear to be the best on overall cold/wet protection... it's not cheap, but comfort on trips is essential and safe...
    I've ridden hours in torrential rains and also at times with wind chills below zero and had nothing more that my nose cold... have pondered plugging that up for the sniffles but you tend to look like an idiot :LOL: :LOL:
    but... in reality... what Nibor said is quite right, inner gear keeps you warm... just allow more time to gear up/down and you'll be a lot happier...

    I added up the cost of some of the 'little' jackets I've bought over the years and some have been next to useless... my best investment ever has been the BMW rally-2-suit, summer or winter it's the warmest, driest or coolest jacket/pants, most expensive, but most efficient....

    my 2c, hope it helps... :grin:
  10. just what i was looking for thanks guys, will look into some more stuff for underneath... i'm sure when it gets really cold in winter i'll be more inclined to layer up all the time, will just have to find somewhere to keep it at work
  11. Middle of winter, 1am out in the countryside of Sydney:

    Gloves: Gortex Alpinestar gloves with silk liners.
    Helmet: Scalf
    Chest: Shirt, Jumper (hoody for bonus points), codura jacket + liner.
    Pants: Codura pants with padding (the padding stops a LOT of wind, + thermal underwear.
    Shoes: Rugby socks, my boots.

    Ta-da. Warm as toast.

    NB: I just saw your 'work' comment. I find the scalf, silk glove liners, and jacket that is windproof to be the biggest winners.
  12. Bloody hell

    Bitching & moaning started already & its just now
    starting to get chilly.

    WTF are you sooks going to be like if & when winter arrives.

    Grow a back bone
  13. Thermals will give you the best result, although this isn't really the answer you were hoping for.

    Kathmandu easter sale is still on at the moment and they have some good deals on thermals - 3 for the price of 1 :)
  14. meh, i figured this is the place to ask seeing as most of the riders i know personally are either new at it, or don't ride during winter

    i thought that would be more of a HTFU moment than what i was asking about!

    anway i got the answers i wanted! so cheers for that - to the guys who actually added something rather than trying to make themselves sound all tough, i'll be heading out today to get some warmer gloves and inner layers as that seems to be what i'm missing

    already grabbed a neck warmer recently which works well!
  15. Husband wears leather gauntlet gloves, leather jacket and wet weather pants to keep his knees warm - i ride during the day in the sun, that works too :grin:
  16. Like has been said, I wear a couple of layers under my leather jacket, leather pants, thick winter waterproof gloves, thick socks and strong boots and neck warmer. Keeping neck and hands warm is the most important.
  17. +1, totally. Handguards work really well I've heard, though they probably only look "right" on enduros and big adventure bikes.

    For the 2007 BMW Icicle Ride I cludged together a winter overnight riding ensemble of:
    * two T-shirts, a thin jumper, my Spidi R-type H2Out cordura jacket with winter liner
    * Draggin jeans underneath fashionable black tracky-dacks for warmth, and waxy-nylon wet weather overpants over the top to keep the wind out.
    * neckwarmer thingy
    * ordinary Alpinestars leather riding gloves <-- weak point. Hands got really cold, as always... Was warm all throughout the rest of my body, so I didn't mind so much.
    * ordinary Alpinestars Effex boots <-- strong point, love these waterproof, comfortable-in-all-climates boots. They're the last of my gear to feel hot in summer and the last to let the cold through no matter how cold it is.

    I carried my tankbag with me to act as a crude "fairing" on my naked bike too. ;)