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So Fitna was released........

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Scottatron, Mar 30, 2008.

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  2. fark..............

    Scary sh#t
  3. Everyone in the world should watch this.

    I think when people told that excellent Dutch bloke not to release it because of the violence it may cause that that's even MORE reason to release it.

    I applaud him for sticking to his guns.
  4. +1 klutu
  5. ordinary muslims - *shrug*

    radical muslims - GTFO!
  6. Ordinary religious people meh
    religious zealots of any description GTFO!
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  8. A bit over the top, smee, even for you; there isn't a great history of Catholics or Orthodox adherants or Baptists, etc, blowing up marketplaces full of innocent civilians using themselves as the bombs......
  9. Although the movie make a few good points it's overshadowed by the fact that Geert Wilders is a twat...
  10. :LOL:

    true, they just burned them at the stake, or subjugated them for years or went on violent crusades..
  11. Let us not forget little elements of history like the Crusades, or the Spanish inquisition, or the Salem witch hunts. Lets not forget the church going into South America, and forcing there way of life on the natives there.

    What I find interesting is that Islam is about 400 years younger than Christianity, and the 1600s was the time of things like the inquisition. Maybe there is an evolution of religion, and maybe it is Islam’s time to become fundamentalist nutters just like the Christians were then.
  12. Cool, then I shall maintain my current level of condemnation for the disorganised, poverty-driven, proponent of violent subjugation that is Islam.
  13. Good… But could I point out that your ire should stay focused at the fundamentalists, Not all Christians supported the Inquisition, and not all Muslims support the current increase in fundamentalism
  14. The trouble is that anyone calling themselves a Muslim that doesn't support the violent takeover of the world is not actually a Muslim. It's in their holy book, therefore it's in their law. If you disobey that law you can't call yourself a real Muslim. So why identify as a Muslim at all? Therein lies a fundamental problem.

    And Paul, you really should think twice before condemning Muslims for blowing up market places. There is not a single organised religion that has any cause for moral highground on this.
  15. Have you read the Koran?
    Now I don't agree with the basis of what any religion stands for, but at least if you are going to condemn it, condemn it for what it is.
    The Koran actually specifies that al religions of the book (As it describes them) (Religions of the book being Judaism, Christianity, and Islam (in chronological order)) are valid religions and to be respected. (Of coarse it does specify that the others are misguided and therefore not all religions are made equal)

    As such it states that you should allow the practicing of these other religions. It is not so forgiving of religions other than these though)

    It also sais you have the right to impose Islamic law on all those around you, but doesn’t specify that you must. This is interpretation.

    Now obviously I as a Devout Atheist believe that religious “Laws†of any sort are repugnant, so this doesn’t wash with me. But what I also see is that Islam is no better or worse than Christianity, the Christians were as happy to convert the world by the sword as the Muslims are.
  16. Yes, I suppose you could...

    But I am of the opinion a large part of the 'terrorist problem' is that because Islam is decentralised and grows like a weed in areas of ignorance and poverty: the lack of a scriptural authority within their culture prevents Islamic fundamentalism being properly condemned by the wider community of muslims: such that their communities harbour or tolerate the fundamentalists.

    Islam should disown them [if it is truly a peaceful religion] - they should have no religious belief to spur on their violence. They should expect no reward after death. And they should not have the legitimate religio-cultural identity of Islam to hide behind whilst they go about their normal lives.

    Of course, if Islam isn't the peaceful religion that some/most Muslims claim it is; then the Quran should be read in that context & it's scripture taken to heart [by those that believe it, but also by those who do not] - so that the rest of the peaceful and free-thinking world is free from petty guilt campaigns and threats of boycotts and violence, to ridicule, harass, persecute and ban it's followers for the threat they are.

    I completely accept that followers of other religions have acted shockingly in the past... perhaps believing they were doing the right thing in their mind; but they were still wrong.

    HOWEVER, despite past history, you will find millions of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists and Wiccans who will tell you:
    "My religion does not and will never condone it's propagation through violence in any circumstance."

    Islamic clerics, no matter how moderate, do not / can not say this.

  17. And only the Buddhists and Wiccans will be accurate in those statements.
    the Jews and Christians are both just as guilty as the Muslims. In recent history the Christians have generally cleaned up there act, but the Jews are still happy to take land by force and subjugate and kill those who don't follow there particular doctrine (referring to the fact that Arab Jews are treated like second class citizens in Israel)
  18. Crusades? No bombs as such, but still!
  19. Ancient history??? We are talking about what a medieval society/religion is doing RIGHT now, surely :roll:????
  20. Ok, IRA then.

    When is History Ancient? and when should we stop learning from it?