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So Finally after 10 yrs i get a speeding fine :(

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by awseome, Dec 28, 2009.

  1. pretty pissed of actually, first time ever took my wife for a ride up to kingslake via st Andrews, was extra careful the whole way as she was with me, while coming back unintentionally plus a twitchy throttle took me waaay past the limit to 85 in a 60 zone, copper took 2 ks off and made it sound like he was doing me a huge favor. the ticket actually has a column for +/- 2 ks variation.
    10 years without a fine is not luck its obeying all the f^&&*& up signs. and not speeding. well end of the day, i did make that mistake intentional or unintentional, so will suck it in pay the fine but write a few letters. and create as much fuss though, know nothing is going to happen the speed was way too much.


  2. What sort of letters and fuss? If you are going to pay it what do you hope to achieve? What did the cop do wrong that would cause letters? Are you saying that you are going to make a complaint about him / her? Were they rude to you?
  3. i am not sure checking speed coming down a hill is quite allright or not? that's what i am going to ask and a clarification is what i hope to achieve.. and no he was a very polite man
  4. I don't know why you would waste your time with letters if you have already recieved the infringement knowing you were breaking the law. I recieved a Christmas present last week of this nature also mate.
  5. Ha, that's pretty much what happened to me. First fine back in '98, 80 in a 60 zone (stupid 10m 60 zone over a disused canetrain crossing). Last year, stung for 91 in a 80 zone as I was zombied out coming home from work and didn't adjust speed accordingly down a hill.

    Sucks that we obey the rules and cop it when we drop our guard for a minute. Then again I guess that's how accidents can happen.
  6. its not a total waste of time.. first i will find out from "them" if its legal or not. plus i have a good driving history. i might get away on this one. or my insurance premium goes up when i tell them.
  7. 1st offence for a long term licence should get u off IF its not to high, dont pay the fine yet, write a letter with a ripper excuse and they should rip it up, if they dont, then the speed was to high

    i did this for my mum and it worked
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  9. cheers day, thanks very nuch
  10. Bugger. 10 years. wouldn't that absolutely s..t you!!!
    My dad paid a speeding fine years ago and included a very short note pointing out that it was his first offence in 62 years driving.. Cheque returned, no points recorded..
    I was pulled up a few years ago in a car for about 130/110. When the copper found out it was a genuine life threatening situation told me how to apply for waiver ect (scribbled it on a scrap of paper and said go)
    Didn't do any good due to my past record.....
    I have lost count of the number of speeding fines I have scored but they were all in cars, niL in trucks . nil on bikes (33years driving /riding)
  11. where exactly on the twisty rd was he?
    it's a pretty clear sight down the mountain since the bushfires.
  12. Man, I'm lucky. Coming out of Swan Hill today, in a (stupidly endless) 60 zone, opened up to 80 without thinking (cause the roundabout felt sooo good), realised and braked, looked up - no cops, just that car there, which.....is a cop! Nothing happened. I'm the same - ne'er a speeding fine, but there's always a first time. My partner wrote and got off her fine because it was one day over three years since the previous one (but I think it needs to be under 10kph, not sure).
  13. ungrateful prick...

    The Victorian government has just saved you from yourself and for ensuring you live a long and healthy life so you can be fined again and again only lightened your wallet to the tune of $230+ dollars.

    After all as Ken Lay say's "we'll catch you before someone gets hurt", everytime you speed god kills a kitten, won't someone save the children, blah blah blah

    ***Disclaimer: The above post may contain elements of blatant sarcasm***
  14. Sigh!! Will just pay up then. Wonder how
    much will the premiums go up now.
  15. I don't know whether or not it is true because my only source was from the tv many (5-10) years ago but they did say on there that setting up a speed camera downhill was not according to the guidelines. If that is true then one would presume it might extend past fixed speed cameras. I don't know whether that'd help considering the amount you were over the posted limit.

    Personally, if someone is off the gas and coasting downhill, picking up speed due to it, and there's no chance of wiping out someone pulling out (if there are no driveways or intersecting roads) and they slow down by being off the accelerator/throttle then I think being over the limit for that time should be ignored. Riding brakes is not the best option. Selecting a gear to allow engine braking is always an option though and one I take these days but still go over a little sometimes if it is pretty steep.
  16. wow theres a blast from the past, kishy coming back to livern up the boards, welcome back

    (off topic)
  17. in nsw 10 years clean record on unrestricted licence .... you can arsk the state debt recover office (sdo) for a review by printing the form and sending it with your infringement notice

    if victoria does not do this than..... your state sucks man
  18. It does. I wholeheartedly agree. Not
    just because I got a fine. But other
    unrelated laws and rules which apply
    to my business are just ridiculous. And
    the same are nonexistent in any other
  19. hmmm 30 and over eh, thats good to know that, thanks kish
  20. 5 words....radar detector and laser jammer.\\:D/:woot: