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So far up my arse - could have killed me!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by presti, Jan 19, 2011.

  1. Okay. This really got me going tonight!

    Firstly, just off my p's, by 2 days. Thought people might give me less trouble as im just another rider you know? People wanted to drag me when i was on my p's or show off. I was kind of wrong.

    Driving to work, on stud rd had a p plater sit uncomfortably close to me, so i flung around and had a look and they backed off. Okay, i can deal with that.

    Left work at 11.30pm, turned right onto Boronia Rd and hit 70kph and when i settle into a speed i check all my mirrors and saw a car around as close as the car earlier. So i thought 'hmm he will overtake' because people love to speed on boronia rd its up and down hills. He didn't, instead, got so close i could just see headlights. I spun around and pointed, he backed off. Went up a hill and he came flying back up and got just as close again, so i just ignored it and kept going. Again, 10 seconds later i look in the mirror and he is right up my arse, to the point where i thought if i even kick down a gear he will hit me. I change lanes once a car has passed and he backs right off.

    Get upto a set of lights and he passes me then i get in behind him, and overtake him when i can and look at him, he doesn't look back. Pull up to a set of lights and he doesn't look at me. We continue down Boronia Rd near the intersection of Stud and Boronia and he pulls up next to me, i do a symbol with my hand indicating how close he was, you know, and he smiles and gives me a thumbs up. So i give him the finger, he looks at me and accelerates off. Lights go yellow, i go in the first right hand turn lane, he sits on the far left lane to go straight ahead, so there is a lane between us. He winds his window down so i know shit is on.

    I pull up, hit neutral and visor goes up, a car is in the lane to my right, and he yells 'whats wrong' or something like that, i didn't give him time to talk. i just started scream (excuse language here guys) you ****ing dick your so ****ing close to my arse you could have killed me, learn to give bikes a ****ing gap i can slow down without a brake so quick you wouldn't ****ing notice, no one has ever been that close you ****. Etc etc, i could literally go on for minutes. He was saying 'its your imagination you can't ride **** off etc etc. Now, i quickly look beyond my white rage of this dick and the car to my right has its window down, the cars behind him stopped 2-3 car spaces back, and the cars that would have occupied the lane between us was sitting back also 2-3 car spaces. They all were watching, listening. I literally have never been that angry, if i was next to him (i glad i wasn't) i would have been off the bike and in his face. At school, i was first to loose my shit if someone pushed me far enough, he had. That close is honestly, stupidity. Even if i was doing 40kph i would have been angry that someone was that close, but at night on a dark bumpy road being that close? Idiotic.

    Anyway, the whole intersection (the cars behind him me and next to us) missed the set of lights. By now, he can't get a word in im just screaming, i kick the bick stand down and swing right over to almost face him. Screaming, throwing my body and getting really aggressive. The light goes green and i see it, i turn right, i left giving him the finger and calling him a ****ing dick

    Seriously, i've never been that angry im my 21 years on this planet. If i get a warning from the cops tomorrow about Road Rage (which all i was doing was yelling i didn't threaten him physically or verbally, just yelled. Never left my bike) im going to state my point. I've seen other motorcyclist go of their shit at cars, but its always for a legit reason. Cutting off tail gating etc, i hope the cops see my side. But all they can do is just give a warning yeah? They have to see shit anyway.

    Well that my biatch and moan, im sorry, i've had a shit day and am about to go to hospital to get stitches to my finger as i cut a massive chunk out of it at work with a falling pricing board, hand still had fuel on it and the metal was rusted on the tip that cut me so tetnis, and picking the shit out of my finger. Good night? Ill have a few beers on the way to hospital i think ;)
  2. Welcome to Bike world, hahahahahaha
  3. lol yeah i've been on the road on bikes for just over a year (some say thats not a lot of time, i know) but i've done 10-15k km's so im a daily. But yeah..really got on my nerves lol
  4. So he was tailgaiting you and you went back for more?

    You sound like a 21 year old hothead looking for a fight, if you want to survive, learn to quit while you are ahead.
  5. #5 Rusti_GotRage, Jan 19, 2011
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    While I can empathize with your anger, the fact remains that walking (riding) away and reporting him for tailgating/dangerous driving is much more sensible than risking a road rage complaint, or worse if the moron is one of those roid rage tough guys...
  6. We get our fair share of these lot unfortunately, two methods of dealing with the problem one is more dangerous, road raging, or just speed up or pull over and let em pass if possible, is probably a safer option, it is not wise nor safe to rage on some one when they have much more mass, so let em pass.
  7. Being a regular commuter your chances of encountering a douche bag every now and then is pretty high.

    So, did you learn anything from that event? Anything you'd do different next time?
  8. Blue tack and ball bearings. :demon:
  9. Must be something in the air at the moment. I've had quite a few tailgaters in the past couple of weeks. Maybe the freer flowing traffic is letting the d!ckheads out of the gridlock.

  10. Not so much tailgaters, but I've noticed a pattern lately: when I'm behind a cage, they'll often watch me in their wing mirror to the point of forgetting what they're doing - twice in 2 days I've had them actually stop dead in the middle of roundabouts in front of me...
  11. You understandably lost your zen mate, but you'll learn that on a bike on trafficked roads, this increases your risks significantly.

    I'm all for not rewarding bad bullying behaviour by getting out of the way - as this means the nob may try it on the next bike, but there's a balance about how you respond and deal with the driver and how you manage your safety. IF the driver is a scud missile, better to have them infront of you.

    Plenty of threads on dealing with tailgaters on NR.
  12. Tailgater galore at the M4 at the moment, good thing is that its a three lane road, I usually just give them the "WTF" of "F off" sign depending on how close they are. Must be the warm weather luring idiot cagers and bikers alike.
  13. Next time be cool get the rego and call the hoon line. A hoon mate of mine dobbed in an even bigger hoon and the police action was pretty swift.

    "We encourage the community to call the hotline on 1800 333 000 to report any incidences of hoon behaviour."
  14. Totally agree here. You wont last long on a bike if this is how fired up you get from someone tailgating you. It will happen again I'm telling you right now. Learn to deal with it in a mature manner though.

    You would have been much better off just grabbing the rego and if there isn't room to move away from him/her, pull over on the side of the road for a minute or two and let them go. It's not worth getting fired up about.
  15. We all hate tailgaters but it's something we all need to learn to deal with.
    Best option is to distance yourself from them by the safest means..
    Always avoid any confrontation as you never know what mindset is in the other vehicle and it also sets your own mind in a bad state for your continuing ride and may affect riding concentration....

    Patience is also a ride skill to master.
  16. Give him a break. I've had one similar incident, I AM younger than he is - but: Having someone sit so close to you like that at speeds 70+ is VERY stressful and I wouldn't blame anyone for losing it and unleashing vocally on another driver. Taking it to a physical level is something else and he did well to cool himself enough to ride away.

    Afterthought: When I say I don't blame people for losing it, I mean that it's understandable if this is one of the first times they have to deal with the situation. I know that the next time someone tailgates me in that way I will deal with it in a much calmer way.
  17. Telling the cager how dangerous his actions are might actually be a good thing, some cagers simply doesnt understand how it is to ride and the dangers present in riding a motorbike. I dont recommend a full on confrontation though.
  18. I never said anything about him running his mouth at the driver, I'm all for it. I'm not saying he has no right to be pissed off, clearly being tailgated is not fun, we have all been there and know what it is like. But he clearly stated that after the initial incident, he overtook the driver again.

    In anger, he has put himself straight back into the position, in front of a car with a ******** driving it, that was causing him to be pissed off in the first place.

    The guy in the car was tailgaiting him, why on earth would ANYONE get back in front of that car? And intentionally no less. Not a wise move if you are looking to be successful on the roads as a rider.

  19. True, to be honest I didnt read the OP all that carefully. Thankfully everyone walked away unharmed and just that little bit wiser.